Tuesdays with Dorie v1.0

I joined the original Tuesdays with Dorie in August of 2008. I started a blogging sabbatical (okay, dropped out)  in February 2011. Now that I’m back, I would like to complete the challenge of baking through Dorie Greenspan’s Baking…From My Home to Yours.

These are the recipes I still need to bake (listed by order of appearance in the book):

As of March 27, 2012 I have 51 recipes on my list.

  • Chestnut Scones
  • Cardamom Crumb Cake
  • Flip-over Plum Cake
  • Cornmeal and Fruit Loaf
  • Honey-Wheat Cookies
  • Ginger-Jazzed Brownies
  • Honey-Nut Brownies
  • Salt and Pepper Cocoa Shortbread
  • Cornmeal Shortbread Cookies
  • Chocolate Spice Quickies
  • Cocoa Almond Meringues
  • Pecan Powder Puffs
  • Sour Cream Chocolate Cake Cookies
  • Kids’ Thumbprints
  • Thumbprints for Us Big Guys
  • Mini Madeleines
  • Translucent Maple Tuiles
  • A Fig Cake for Fall
  • Fluted Polenta and Ricotta Cake
  • Far Breton
  • Not-Just-For-Thanksgiving Cranberry Shortbread Cake
  • Apple-Coconut Family Cake
  • Date-Nut Loaf
  • Peanut Butter Torte
  • Peppermint Cream Puff Ring
  • Normandy Apple Tart
  • A Tourtely Apple Tart
  • Alsatian Apple Tart
  • Tarte Fine
  • Parisian Apple Tart
  • Depths-of-Fall Butternut Squash Pie
  • Florida Pie
  • Toasted Coconut Custard Tart
  • Crunchy and Custardy Peach Tart
  • Coffee Ice Cream Tart
  • Double-Crusted Blueberry Pie
  • Cranberry Lime Galette
  • Rosy Poached Pear and Pistachio Tart
  • Honey-Almond Fig Tart
  • Puffed Double Plum Tart
  • Chocolate Pudding
  • Caramel Pots de Crème
  • Chocolate Soufflé
  • Bourbon Bread Pudding
  • Cherry Rhubarb Cobbler
  • Mixed Berry Cobbler
  • Tropical Crumble
  • Strawberry-Rhubarb Double Crisp
  • Devilish Shortcakes
  • Creamy Dark Chocolate Sorbet
  • Unbelievably Good Chocolate Blueberry Ice Cream

These are the recipes I’ve baked (with links to a blog post, if applicable):


One thought on “Tuesdays with Dorie v1.0

  1. Hi. I tried to use your link to the Black and White Chocolate Cake, but it takes me to an ice cream recipe. I wanted to see how your’s came out. I just made it this past weekend and had some issues. Anyway, I would love to see it when you get a chance. Thanks!

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