{twd} chipster topped brownies topped with gelato


A brownie topped with a chocolate chip cookie. How more decadent can it get? Add Gianduja Gelato!

This week’s Tuesdays With Dorie, Chipster Topped Brownies, are brownies baked with a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough on top. In my case, instead of chocolate chips, I added the mini peanut butter cups they sell at Trader Joes.

I made the brownies for a Memorial Day BBQ at my brother’s house. For some reason, my timing was off and these came out of the oven just as I should have been getting ready to leave my house.  Ever since I’ve started this baking/cooking thing, I’ve started arriving late to parties. And it’s not just the baking, it’s the rushing around taking pictures of what I baked because it’s my only chance before I give it away.

I dumped the still warm brownies out of the pan and cut it into squares. I don’t know if the slices would have been prettier if I had let the brownies cool, but I’m going with that story. In the end, it doesn’t matter that they weren’t the neatest squares–people gobbled them up.

And, of course, I brought ice cream. This week I made Gianduja Gelato from The Perfect Scoop. It’s a hazelnut-milk chocolate bit of heaven. You can find the recipe HERE. To all my friends with ice cream makers: make this the next time you make ice cream.

Thank you to Beth of Supplicious for picking this recipe as we bake our way through Dorie Greenspan’s Baking…From My Home to Yours. It was a great choice! If you would like the recipe please visit her blog.



61 thoughts on “{twd} chipster topped brownies topped with gelato

  1. One of your friends who doesn’t even HAVE her ice cream maker yet is ready to walk to the warehouse and ask for it! Great combination. (And the brownies look perfect – esp the very thin layer of cookie dough you got on top. I’m guessing that if you’re late, and you’re bringing these, the party doesn’t start till you get there….:)

  2. Humpf… like that perfection needed ice cream.

    What a great way to end a BBQ!

    I wish you wouldn’t forget to invite me all the time! Na.

    Beautiful, Pink… simply beautiful!

  3. As another friend who doesn’t have an ice cream maker, what kind of ice cream maker do you use? I really want to purchase one this summer and I’m trying to do a little research on them before I do. I’d love to know what sort of ice cream maker churns out all of your fabulous creations!
    Those brownies look fantastic and the gelato sounds too good for words! I bet that everyone at the barbecue loved this one.

  4. Finally got an ice cream maker so I’m definitely going to try the gianduja. My brownies didn’t blow my mind but yours look great.

  5. Oooh, there’s nothing worse than “gotta-leave-now-and-the-whatever-is-still-in-the-oven”.

    I sure can’t tell from your pictures, though. Your brownies look perfect!

  6. Those look beautiful! Way to go all out with the gelato. After I finish moving, I am going to have to perfect my ice cream making without an ice cream maker–the hazelnut+milk chocolate is inspiring!

  7. I didn’t love these but I ate to many anyways. My family thought they were ok. It was crazy the amount of butter the recipe called for!
    Your brownies looks great, the added ice cream was the bomb!

  8. Well, it’s nice to hear you didn’t have the underdone or overdone issue that so many had. (Mine were a little underdone, but not terribly so)

    The ice cream, as always, sounds fabulous!

  9. mmmm. i bet no one minds that you arrive late when you arrive with such goodies:) i just made the philadelphia style chocolate ice cream….so good. and good with the chipster brownies!

  10. That looks like a great combo! I always seem to miscalculate the timing when baking something to take somewhere. More than one cake has tried to slide apart because I tried to frost layers before they were completely cool… =)

  11. You have a wonderful way of photographing your food for instant appeal! Those brownies look fantastic, but with the ice cream…anyone would be proud to serve that anytime anywhere. My guys would be in heaven! Great job, fun post!

  12. Well, they sure don’t look like they were cut warm! Beautiful! And the gelato–I just told my husband yesterday that I want/NEED a nice new ice cream maker. He just went on a business trip to Italy last week and said he had gelato a few times and that it is SO much better than American ice cream. Sigh. I need to start pricing machines. What kind do you have?

  13. Dang that’s just unfair. Gianduja is just manna from heaven, and those are some seriously fudgey looking chipster brownies. Lucky friends!

  14. While the brownies were good, I’ll take your ice cream anytime! Looks like it’s time to bring out the ice cream maker and check off another recipe from the book.

  15. your brownies look great!!
    i wanted to top a square off with some ice cream, but they were all gone b4 i had the chance to do so!
    great jobb<3

  16. I just bought a copy of The Perfect Scoop this weekend and can’t wait to try ALL the ice cream recipes! Yours looks wonderful.

  17. Ha, stick to your story. The same thing happens to me! 🙂

    I’m going to have to give these a try as everyone I’ve visited seems to love ’em.

    Btw, I’m definitely trying the ice cream! I have hazelnuts I just bought AND hazelnut paste I just made on Sunday that needs to be used up.

  18. oh, how I miss those mini-PB cups from TJ’s. became addicted while in grad school in Tucson, but TJ’s is the one grocery/food luxury we don’t have here in Houston…

    probably for the best re: my waistline, though 🙂 we used to keep those in the fridge and before you knew it, one handful became another, became another…

    I can only imagine how good they are in your brownies!

  19. WHAT? That gelato looks AMAZING! I just told my husband you made this and he is trying to get me to make it right now. He spends a lot of time in Italy for business and gianduja is his FAVORITE flavor of all time.

  20. With Gianduja gelato? You’re killing me! My brownies were a flop, no, a thud, but this gelato sounds so inviting. I have a block of Gianduja in the pantry…

  21. That does it! I’m definitely going to Amazon to get this book. I’ve been wanting it for too long and each week, you show yet another wonderful, creamy concoction that I have to try. The brownies look wonderful and I’m sure that no one minds when you come late to anything!

  22. Your brownies look so fudgey and moist! The addition of the peanut butter cups is fantastic – I love peanut butter cups! And to top it all off with home made gelato – totally decadent! Love it!

  23. This all looks incredible! You may be late all the time, but I bet your friends and family will continue to excuse your tardiness if you keep showing up with stuff like this!

  24. Wow, nice job! I’m so jealous of your distinct layers! My cookie dough decided to sink into the brownie batter. That gelato sounds amazing – I have to give it a try.

  25. OMG I think I just gained weight looking at your photos and dreaming of how it tastes!!! Perfecto and again love the silky dessert accompaniment.

  26. I am consistently blown away by your baking skills and all the great ice creams you make. It’s always a pleasure reading your posts and seeing what amazing things you’ve made.

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