{twd} Fresh Mango Bread


Mangoes are my nemesis. Not in the eating department–I love them, especially with lime and chili powder. It’s the cutting and prepping that get me. I tend to get injured. I know in my head all the different techniques out there. The cutting off the sides and then scoring the mango into the size and shape you want, etc. The cutting off the bottom and then using serrated peeler to take off the skin. I even bought a mango splitter.


This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe, Fresh Mango Bread, required one mango cubed to yield 2 cups. I was so hoping my mango would yield two cups so I wouldn’t have to face the second mango. I was doubtful, my mango was not large. And yes, I was right. My mango only gave me a little over one cup.  I had to deal with a second mango.


Wrangling mangoes was worth it! Yum. The mango bread was delicious. In addition to the mangoes, the bread {and it’s bread in the sense that banana bread is bread} is spiced with ginger and flavored with lime zest. I added lime oil to boost the lime flavor.


The bread was delicious on its own, but it was also delicious with mango slices and ice cream. I did not make a special flavor this week. I did think about making ginger ice cream or mango frozen yogurt. My freezer is a bit full of ice cream right now. Even though I tend to make only half-recipes, that’s still a pint (plus more if there are a lot of mix-ins). I used leftover Crème Fraîche Ice Cream.

Thank you to Kelly of Baking with the Boys for choosing Fresh Mango Bread as we bake our way through Dorie Greenspan’s Baking…From My Home to Yours. This is one of the recipes I’ve been wanting to bake. If you want the recipe, please visit Kelly’s blog. 


68 thoughts on “{twd} Fresh Mango Bread

  1. I just knew you wouldn’t disappoint. Ice Cream it is!! Maybe you should have an ice cream round up featuring the contents of your freezer…. he he he. I love ice cream too. I love the beautiful slices of mango. I didn’t think of that and I even had 1/2 mango remaining. Beautiful work, again. Wasn’t it delicious?

  2. Mangoes are my EATING nemesis! Pfff… forget about the cutting… I can’t even smell then, that I hate them that much! LOL But I went out of my comfort zone, made it, ate it and loved it.

    Served like yours here, with fressh fruit and ice cream… I’d love to repeat the experience! Okay… I might leave the fresh mango behind… but the bread looks beyond amazing!

  3. Phew – glad you emerged unscathed after battling the mangoes. Looks like it was totally worth it! Your mango bread looks gorgeous – beautiful pictures as always!

  4. Your photos are beautiful, looks awesome! How do you manage to blog so darned often?? I am jealous! And your mangos are perfectly cut… I made such a mess of mine!

  5. I just knew there would be ice cream here!

    One thing I can’t find is a recipe for mango ice cream. I’ve found one for mango sorbet, but that’s not the same.

  6. I have an idea. You need to open an ice cream shop/bread bakery. So I’ll come and get a danish bread and a loaf of bread and some croissants, and then I’ll get an ice cream cone with four different flavors. Deal?

    Good talk.


    Seriously, It is amazing! Everything you make! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED this bread! Seriously LOVED it! I made it is as French Toast… to DIE for! I think it would be GREAT with that creme fraiche ice cream!

  7. I always love your photos! And my freezer is full of all types of flour, and that’s what’s saving me (for now) from trying out all your ice cream recipes!

  8. Food Network is always in on my house and ironically right as I was trying to figure out how to cut the mango, Giada started cutting one. Ah, kismet! I loved this bread too. Yours looks fantastic.

  9. Isn’t mango pretty? And I love how it’s sweet but also a bit “peppery” tasting. It looks great paired with ice cream.

  10. Oh, these photos are so beautiful…yes, the bread is gorgeous, but the way you styled it all with the bright yellow mango and that lovely scoop of ice cream…wow. Over the top. Great job…wish I had some left to try it with ice cream. Never thought of that before.

  11. You sound like the singer MIA, who salt and peppers her mango, shoots spit out the window, then something unintelligible, blah blah blah, BUT SUNSHOWERS THEY FALL ON MY TROUBLES…

    Anyways, totally envious of your mad skillz, as usual…

  12. Oh my word, those mango slices are gorgeous! Now I want to run out and get a mango slicer. Great job on your bread – it looks gorgeous! Every time I see your TWD posts I wish I could make room in my freezer to make some ice cream.

  13. you even bought a mango splitter? Wow. Your bread looks delicious. And you love Javier Bardem do you? Yikes. I dunno. . . he is pretty sexy in that movie though. You should watch it!!

  14. Your pictures are beautiful. Looks like you cut that mango to perfection. The first mango I cut was a pile of mush. Live and learn.

  15. I would say that you’re a good mango wrangler, because I’ve never gotten such nice slices out of a mango! Your bread looks fabulous and even better with the ice cream.

  16. nice job with the mango wrangling. i remember the last time i tried to cut one i was covered in juice and it was in smash-ey pieces all over the place. maybe that’s why i didn’t make it…

  17. I’m very glad that you emerged the victor in the pink vs. mango showdown, and that the bread was worth the risk. After messing with my one huge mango (and not knowing any techniques or having any special equipment) I won’t go into fresh mango territory in the future without a bit of trepidation. That extra lime boost sounds delicious.

  18. Sorry you had to deal with the second mango, but in the end it was all worth it, right?

    I adore creme fraiche ice cream – the version I use (Patrick O’Connell’s) is really lemony. Love the tartness!

    Great combo!

  19. Wonderful presentation! Mangoes are so messy. I just roll up my sleeve and dig into them. Kinda like I do my avocados. In the end, it all works out. I had a harder time mixing it all together! Great job as always.

  20. Looks de-lish! I often look at your TWD blog late at night after getting kids in bed and such and it always makes me wish 1)I wasn’t already out of whatever we made that week, 2)that I had me some ice cream right now! 😉

  21. I love your addition of the lime oil! How fabulous. Your bread looks great…especially when paired with the leftover mango slices and ice cream. Man oh man, I’ve been waiting for someone to pair the bread with ice cream. Totally fabulous!

  22. I’m with you, this one was worth the mango wrestling! I bet it was delicious with the creme fraiche ice cream! Adding lime oil is a great idea. I doubled up on the zest, but I bet the oil gave a deeper flavor.

  23. Mmm. I’ve never tried creme fraiche ice cream. Sounds really good. I’ve never bought a mango before, so I had an interesting time trying to figure out how to deal with it. It turned out okay, though (and I had to do two mangoes, too.)

  24. Good job on cutting those mangoes! 😉

    Looks good (as always) and of course, it can’t go wrong with ice cream either!

    I just returned from Spain and Portugal and had my fair share of gelato . . . not quite as good as your ice creams, I am sure. 😉

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