{TWD} Chocolate Creme Tart

Chocolate Creme Tart

It has been a month of chocolate in the baking group blog world.  But even if this had been a year of chocolate, I would still have loved this recipe. This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe–the Chocolate Creme Tart–is reminiscent of the diner classic chocolate creme pie. Instead of the usual pie crust, Dorie Greenspan’s recipe uses a deep dark chocolate tart crust. On it’s own, the crust is slightly bitter and not sweet. Paired with the chocolate creme and whipped creme topping, it’s a wonder.

choc cream parfaits

Kim of Scrumptious Photography selected this week’s recipe from  Baking…From My Home to Yours. You can find the recipe on her blog.

(Short post today…work has been crazy!)


56 thoughts on “{TWD} Chocolate Creme Tart

  1. Love the version you served in a glad… what a nice change from regular pie, cake, cookie, etc. desserts! Fancy and simple at the same time! Great thinking!

  2. Great use of those pesky crumbles (or did you crumble on purpose? Either way, brilliant!) This one will be made again. I have one spoonful of the filling left; it might be breakfast. Hang in there on the work front.

  3. I like the idea of losing the crust on the bottom and crumbling just a bit over the top (is that what you did?). I thought the crust didn’t add too much, but I like it in small doses.
    Looks beautiful served in glasses!

  4. This looks very elegant and decadent, which is a hard thing to achieve. The presentation looks great, I love deconstructed tart in the glasses!

  5. Wow, your tart looks great! I really liked this recipe, too, but am looking forward to next week and a non-chocolate-y dessert!

  6. Awesome looking tart AND parfaits. Mmmmm! I must make this again, and like it better. It just wasn’t sweet enough for me and I know what to do to fix that! 😉

  7. Short posts. I should learn to write those! We (esp. those of us who didn’t make this) can just linger a while on your photo. THAT’s a wonder! 🙂

  8. I think parfaits are brilliant. I might do it that way next time and skip the tart assembly altogether. You are right – even if we made chocolate every week this one would have stood out. It’s amazing! And yours looks beautiful!

  9. Wait, so the crust WAS supposed to not be sweet? I totally thought I ruined it! Ha! Good to know! Yours looks GORGEOUS though! I hope things calm down a bit for you!

  10. I like the parfait versions, and I bet my kids would, too. I think I need to make more chocolate pastry cream–my girls polished off the filling without the crust, and I still have three tartelette shells left.

  11. I love your variation in the glasses like a trifle. Such a great idea. Besides who doesn’t love the chocolate and whipped cream combo. beautiful

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