{TWD} Frozen Lemon-Lime Cup Custard with Candied Lemon Bits


This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe selection was Lemon Cup Custard. As you may or may not know, I’m a ice cream freak. I love all sorts of frozen treats and all sorts of flavors. I do have my favorites, of course, but I will try anything once.Given the opportunity, I will turn anything into ice cream and that’s what I did this week.

I’m still eating my way through my boozy Prune-Armagnac Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Truffles. It makes me feel a bit rebellious every time I have a serving.  It’s dark and smoky and should be eaten under the cover of darkness. On the other end of the spectrum is the ice cream I made this week: Frozen Lemon-Lime Cup Custard. It’s flavor is bright and refreshing and it is best eaten in the middle of the day when the sun is the brightest.

I made a 1/2 recipe. Not intentionally, when I set out to make it I only had 2 eggs and not the 4 eggs required. I did not half the amount of zest. In fact, I used the zest of a whole lemon and the zest of a whole lime. The original recipe calls for the zest of a whole lemon. I followed the recipe as directed until it got to the part about baking the custard in the oven. Instead I cooked it a bit on the stove until it thickened a bit and then strained it into a container which I placed in the refrigerator to chill overnight.


Once throughly chilled, I whipped up a 1/2 cup of heavy cream with some lemon oil and lime oil and folded it into the custard base prior to pouring it into my ice cream maker. I read somewhere that whipping the heavy cream and folding it into the base  in homemade frozen custard helps give it that airy feel you get from ice cream shop frozen custards.

I also made the candied lemon slices from David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop. I would have made lime slices, but I used my last lime for the custard. I chopped up the slices into bits and used them to top my frozen custard.

Man, oh man, was this good. The lemon and lime flavors were outstanding. Overall, it was a refreshing and successful dessert. Thank you to Bridget of The Way the Cookie Crumbles for selecting this recipe out of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking…From My Home to Yours. Please visit Bridget’s blog for the original recipe.



66 thoughts on “{TWD} Frozen Lemon-Lime Cup Custard with Candied Lemon Bits

  1. OMG! It sounds so scrumptious! How original is your version of the lemon cup custard! What a gorgeous job! It seems to be very light and tasty !



  2. This frozen custard looks incredible! A great one to pull out again in the summer (although we had 80 degrees here yesterday, and I’d have loved a dish of that frozen goodness). Now I’ll have to check out your post from last week…

  3. What a great idea! I am so impressed and inspired! I just bought an icecream maker so maybe I will transform my lemon custard into icecream!!!!
    You are awesome!

  4. wonderful! i had thought about making mine into ice cream…next time. i’m usually scared of custard based ice cream recipes, but now that i’ve made this recipe with ease, i won’t shy away. thanks for the tip about folding in the whipped cream!

  5. You are amazing. I would never have thought in a million years to turn this into frozen custard. It looks incredible! I got an ice cream maker for Christmas and just broke it out yesterday to make strawberry sorbet. I want to try your custard next! And I am ordering The Perfect Scoop today!

  6. Girl, you are so creative. I love your photos and I bet freezing this made it taste so good. And the candied topper looks great. Beautiful photos as always. (I’m still glad I didn’t try this one).

  7. I think you’ve solved it! You’ve solved the problem of the eggy custard. Make it into an ice cream. How genius, how delicious!! This looks so fabulous. Great idea!

  8. This is the most delicious TWD I’ve seen today 🙂 I really wish I would have turned this into ice cream, it looks amazing. Thank you for the tip about folding in whipped cream to the ice cream base, I would have never thought of that!

  9. Oh, for a hot summer day and several scoops of your lemon-lime creation (and don’t forget the candied bits, please!) You are so creative!

  10. Something about the top picture… the light, the play of shadows that is pretty darn magnifiscient! WOW!

    Plus it was very creative of you to make it into some type of ice cream… I bet you enjoyed it better this way than the original way, for many didn’t…

  11. I, too, LOVE ice cream. BTW, my favorite from “The Perfect Scoop” is the cream cheese ice cream. No, wait, maybe it’s peanut butter chocolate.

    What a creative take on the TWD recipe. I love lemon and lime together! (In fact my kids both don’t like lemon/lime, so when I make sugar cookies with lemon and lime zest I tell the kids that they are “sprite” cookies)

  12. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Ice cream style all the way! With candied lemon slices! Hello! Can you freeze dry some of it and ship it in a package for me? Thanks so much! 😉

  13. I absolutely love your adaptation! It makes me want to remake the custard exactly the way you’ve done it. Adding the lime was ingenious – I bet there was so much citrus flavour.

  14. Now THAT sounds awesome! If life hands you lemons (or lemon custard!)….make ice cream. Now I’m SURE all of us at my house would have eaten it in ice cream form! Brilliant. Does Dorie know what you’ve done here? She should know. You need to write an ice cream book. 😉

  15. Great idea to make it into ice cream. I have also read the heavy cream thing. I lightly whipped some heavy cream into a meyer lemon curd a few months ago and then froze it in my ice cream maker and it was so smooth, soft, and creamy – like a gelato. I am sure this ice cream was great!

  16. Well, it figures you were one of the few to have complete and total success with your custard. It looks absolutely perfect – and I’ll try the trick of folding whipped cream into ice cream base.

  17. Your frozen custard is gorgeous! It looks so good! Thank you for the tip about whipping the cream, too, my homemade ice creams can get a little heavy.

  18. Wendy, you are so cute. Your surprises are the best. I know where to go to find great recommendations for ice cream recipes. Its right here! Great work.

  19. Turning it into ice cream is a great idea! And lately I have also been folding whipped cream through my ice cream before I churn it and it definitely helps the texture. Yum!

  20. the first thing I thought about when I read this week’s recipe was “I wonder if I could make frozen custard?” but I actually had no idea how to go about it- thank you so much for posting this!! I’m pretty addicted to my ice cream maker too- and I would LOVE to try this out (especially since our weather here in New Orleans is already reaching summer-like temperatures!). Looks so delicious and so beautiful with the candied lemon!

  21. I’ll take two scoops, please?! I just came in from lunch and am hot…it’s mid 80’s here, so you know that frozen custard will soooo hit the spot!

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