{TWD} Chocolate-Banded Ice Cream Torte

This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe was a Chocolate-Banded Ice Cream Torte (Recipe #219). It’s also my first official TWD recipe. I made it using homemade vanilla ice cream. I decided on plain vanilla ice cream because I was making my own. I also 1/2’d the recipe because it’s just the two of us and ice cream cake is not something I can easily bring into work. I used a mini-springform pan and it worked out perfectly. I used the leftover ganache for my vanilla caramel fudge ice cream.


10 thoughts on “{TWD} Chocolate-Banded Ice Cream Torte

  1. Welcome. That looks absolutely fabulous. I wish my layers had come out as well as yours. I’d love to try your vegetarian pot pies with tofu. As soon as its cool around here, I’ve got to try it.

  2. Welcome to TWD! It’s just the two of us also, so I have halved many of the recipes. I’m going to have to go right over to Amazon.com and get one of those 6″ springform pans!

  3. I just signed up at TWD yesterday and was confused about what recipe I was supposed to do. Duh. So I made this today. It didn’t look nearly as good as yours! 🙂

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