{twd} Chocolate Crunched Caramel Tart + Giveaway

I’m still recovering from my whirlwind weekend in San Francisco for Blogher Food 2009. Every time I visit the City and the Bay Area, I get a little sad because I don’t live there anymore and I have to remind myself to visit more often.

Lunch at the conference was sponsored by a frozen pasta meal company that shall not be named. It was awful and that is putting it mildly. Rocco DiSpirito (who is gorgeous in real-life) was there promoting the products and trying to convince all us food bloggers that frozen meals are great and that he has a freezer full of them. We were encouraged to Tweet the frozen pasta meal company and Rocco during the meal to ask questions about the product. The Tweets were projected on a big screen. If your question was picked, you won some prizes.


Fueled by the wine served at lunch and encouraged by the women sitting at my table, I tweeted Rocco and asked him: “Hey, I’m newly single. Want to go out?“. It was fun and carefree, but Rocco never responded. :'(.
Prior to asking him out, one of my questions about the frozen pasta meal company was picked and I won some prizes which I will now share with you.

I have a copy of Rocco DiSpirito’s Rocco Gets Real: Cook at Home Everyday. If you would like it, let me know what you think. Should Rocco have responded? Did he miss a great opportunity? πŸ˜› Please leave a comment and let me know your opinion by 11:59pm on 10/5. Winner will be randomly selected.


Thank you to Carla of Chocolate Moosey for selecting this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe. I made the full recipe and served it a dinner party. It was very delicious and people enjoyed it. I loved the crunch the nuts added. Oh, and I used honey-roasted cashews because I couldn’t find honey-roasted peanuts and sprinkled the tart with cocoa powder. IfΒ  you would like the recipe, please visit Carla’s blog or buy the book.


70 thoughts on “{twd} Chocolate Crunched Caramel Tart + Giveaway

  1. Ooh, your tart. Can’t believe you got it done. I didn’t come home until last night, so I’m going to try for a two for one next week. But I’m having a giveaway today, too!
    Rocco, Rocco, Rocco. Hmm. Good lookin’, yes.
    A lady’s man. YES! You’re probably better off. Especially if he’d be cookin’ you frozen dinners. (Oh, don’t put me in the drawing. I got one of those, too. I was one of the lucky ones who got to go to the dinner the night before–and try five more of the pastas for a total of 8 pastas in less than 24 hours! πŸ˜‰
    I actually didn’t even realize you were at the conference until Rocco announced your question! So fun to meet you! That whole day of conferences was crazy, so it was hard to really get to do more than just meet people.

  2. i really need to start remembering to use cocoa powder to make things pretty πŸ™‚ like your tart!

    Rocco should have answered, his loss! but then again… if he’s going to be serving you those awful frozen meals…. you might be better off πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh he totally missed out…. But I have to say, I think I’d rather steal him for myself than let you have him!!!! He is so beautiful, isn’t he?

  4. I hate to say it but I have lost a ton of respect for Rocco over the years. It all started with the Fancy Feast and now ending with the whole frozen foods are good. I hate frozen pre-made foods with a passion. I have yet to have one that does not taste like mush.

    You are better off without him and his massive ego πŸ˜‰

  5. Haha, what a great post! The tart looks great and I love that you’re honest about the terrible pasta. It’s sad that Rocco didn’t reply, but it’s great that you did it anyway πŸ™‚

  6. I made this for a pot luck and it was a huge hit but I never got around to photographing or blogging about it. I did find time however, to live vicariously through all your tweets from Blogher and will definitely be going next year. Glad you had fun.
    Great looking tart too!

  7. Put me in the drawing! My question never got picked OR I didn’t tweet it right. That’s a possibility. Rocco was adorable but pretty high strung. I say Rocco should have answered your question. It would have been fun for him to say something in front of the room in a fun joking manner. I bet it was a question on a lot of single girl’s mind. He should have played with that question!
    It was nice meeting you at the conference. Hope we meet up again at the next! πŸ™‚

  8. Rocco obvi doesn’t know what he was missing!! HIS LOSS!! Your chocolate tart looks awesome and I’m glad you enjoyed the Blogher conference!!! Wish I was there!

  9. Rocco totally missed out! I haven’t tried his cook book yet, but he does look pretty dreamy. Sounds like a fun time at the conference despite a frozen lunch.

  10. Oh delicious cashews! I think that Rocco should have definitely gotten back to you! You could have straightened him up about the frozen meal deal.
    I still can’t figure out why they served ya’ll that crap when everyone there is so passionate about food. Very interesting!

  11. Well, of course, he missed a great opportunity. Blond, bakes, close by. What’s not to love. What he should have done was “Just Say Yes”!!!

    Your tart is lovely. I like the cocoa sprinkled on top. Great job.

  12. He totally dropped the ball on that one. Although, maybe he doesn’t play in your field?

    I laughed out loud about the frozen pasta meals being awful – because I’ve heard a few bloggers say how great they were.

    All personal preference, right?

  13. SF that day was 86 degrees, one of the hottest days I have ever experienced in the city. We ended up walking around and enjoying the cloudless day.

    Your tart looks beautiful!

    Next time let me know when you’re in the city, I’ll buy you a decent lunch! πŸ˜‰

  14. Rocco does not know what he is missing! I can only think that he is biding his time and will look you up at a future date to avoid any possible claims of inappropriateness at this event.
    The tart is so smooth and perfect looking. We don’t get Rocco here on Canadian Food Network, but I would love a chance to cook up his recipes!

  15. hahahaa! i think it’s TOTALLY ironic that Rocco’s book is called Rocco Gets Real… because, well…. that lunch he was pimping was not real at all! he’s such a sell out…. amazing!

    so… he didn’t respond? i think you came out ok on that one… he probably would have made you frozen risotto and passed it off like it was actually the real deal. no good.

  16. Your tart turned out perfectly! Shame about the meals – and the fact that Rocco never answered ! His loss. I think he should have answered – with a yes πŸ˜‰

  17. Your tart looks great! I think it was a good pick for a dinner party dessert.

    He totally should have responded! Maybe he’s really shy? Or just really embarrassed by the frozen meals?

  18. Oh yes, he should at least have acknowledged your question, it’s just rude not to! This tart, well, it speaks for itself, it’s just gorgeous. Honey roasted cashews are the best. πŸ˜‰

  19. Gorgeous tart! I love cashews, and I’m sure they were amazing in it! This was one of my favorite Dorie recipes to date, and a perfect dessert to serve at a dinner party.

  20. Ooh, that tart is beautiful! And Rocco totally missed out- but if he planned on serving you yucky frozen pasta for a date, it was probably for your benefit πŸ˜€

  21. Wow! This tart looks yummy!

    Rocco definitely missed an opportunity. You might have escaped a dinner date of nasty frozen meals though haha!

  22. I don’t like Rocco — I haven’t ever since I watched his reality show, the restaurant. I think I read on a Top Chef blog a few years ago (not sure who wrote this, maybe Tom C?) something to the effect that it was important to remember that even though Rocco pimps himself out for just about everything, he’s still an excellent chef. IMO, Rocco seems like a guy that’s happiest dating himself — he loooooooves being Rocco, doesn’t he? That’s my long way of saying that I personally think you can do so much better than yucky Rocco. And, he totally missed out because he’d be lucky to get you.
    Rocco aside, the tart looks fantastic & what a great idea to sprinkle cocoa powder on top!

  23. He missed out. I’m not sure if you did though, since he’s associated with said unnamed food company. I do like HIS recipes, though.

  24. the tart looks delicious! i say, go for it, girl, you never know! who knows, maybe he has a gf, at least you tried!

  25. I say why the heck not. You should always go for what you want. And really, if he can, maybe he gets 1000 questions like that a day- but if he could he should have responded.

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