{TWD} Coco Loco

coconut butter thins

This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie selection was the oh so delectable Coconut Butter Thins. These cookies are so delicate that Dorie Greenspan almost didn’t include them in her book Baking…From My Home to Yours. That would have been a tragedy. These cookies are so buttery with a great crispy texture. These are the kind of cookies you can eat and eat until you are only left with crumbs.

Coconut Butter Thins are a shortbread cookie flavored with coconut, lime, and lots of butter. There is also a hint of coriander which knocks these cookies out of the stratosphere. I don’t recall ever baking with coriander. Now I’m going to add it to my baking repertoire. It paired well with the other flavors and brought them all to the next level.

coconut cookie scraps coconut butter thins ready to bake

Instead of squares, I used my round cookie cutters and made little circles. Because of the circle shape, I had dough scraps which I reshaped and made more round cookies until I didn’t have any more scraps. Although these scrappy cookies didn’t hold their shape too well {even after refrigeration} and were a little “ugly”, they were still mighty tasty.

ice cream sandwich

This week I alsoย  made Toasted Coconut Ice Cream from David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop and created little ice cream sandwiches. No surprises, the ice cream was great. It’s a custard-based ice cream in which the cream is infused with the flavor of toasted coconut and a scraped vanilla bean {from Tahiti–my supply is getting low, oh no} with a hint of rum. You can find the ice cream recipe HERE.

toasted coconut ice cream

Thank you to Jayne of The Barefoot Kitchen Witch for selecting this recipe. It’s another winner! Please visit her blog for the recipe.


56 thoughts on “{TWD} Coco Loco

  1. wow wow wow! could i add 10 more to that? haha. the cookies look absolutely to die for! and the toasted coconut icecream sandwich.. i wish i had one of those… KILLER DESSERT!!!

  2. I don’t think they look ugly at all. I like the way they look… cute little circles!
    I just plopped mine on a cookie sheet. boring. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Nice job though!

  3. OK, the whole time I was mixing the dough for the cookies I was thinking, I wonder what Wendy is going to do this week? I bet it’s going to be something really, really fabulous. And then I thought, I bet she’ll make ice cream, she likes to make ice cream. And then I thought, oooooooh, I wonder if she’ll make the toasted coconut ice cream from DL? I am obsessed with the idea of that ice cream right now and if I ever get an ice cream maker, it’s going to be my first choice. Haagen-Dazs makes this Pineapple Coconut ice cream that’s so good but I bet that your Toasted Coconut ice cream is even better.
    I love the circle shapes and I love your little ice cream sandwiches — they’re absolutely adorable. And, I’m super jealous of your creativity!

  4. Oh I love the addition of ice cream with these. I’m afraid mine were too thin to hold up to adding that to them however. We ate them all up anyway. Delicious. Yours are beautiful!!!!

  5. Oh! oooooOOOooooooh!
    How luscious! Now, if we’re having a luscious contest… you win this week! Hands down…

    Beautiful and very, very mouthwatering, Pink!

  6. Wow, love the ice cream sandwiches!! That toasted coconut ice cream sounds amazing. I need to pull out my copy of The Perfect Scoop and try it!

  7. Yay! I was hoping to see a little ice cream action from you, and you didn’t disappoint! My word, that ice cream had to be amazing with these divine cookies. The perfect ice cream sandwich for the beach!

  8. splendid! love, love the ice cream sandwiches. and the round cookies are so dainty and delicious looking. i can’t wait to make these when i’m up to baking again:)

  9. Wowza! That ice cream sounds heavenly!

    I really liked the cookies, too, and mine ended up less thin and more shortbready, but they were quite delicious.

  10. Seriously did you have to make ice cream? Oh man I can’t tell you how wonderful that sounds. Your ice cream sandwiches – WOW. Now I must go make that ice cream! And more cookies too. Wonderful job.

  11. That was genius making ice cream sandwiches!

    About two weeks ago I purchased The Perfect Scoop & perfect it is. There were two of you (blogs) that kept raving about it as well as another blog that kept pumping out the ice cream….I caved. I also ordered an extra freezer bowl from my cuisinart ice cream maker!

  12. Coconut ice cream sandwiches. Perfect. I used to love the Coconut ice cream from Howard Johnsons. This sounds just as good. Thanks for the recipe.

    Those cookies look just right.

  13. Oh my goodness! I think you kicked these out of the stratosphere by adding in homemade coconut ice cream. You ought to be able to move up at least one spot in the TWD recipe rotation for that one, LOL.

    Oh, and I also love the round cookies… those are much neater than the squares (my squares anyway).

  14. I love your perfectly round cookies – they look much nicer than the squares that Dorie recommends, in my opinion. And with coconut ice cream? Yum!

  15. Sadly, I don’t like coconut, so I wouldn’t like the ice cream. But it was a great idea to make ice cream sandwiches with your cookies! I usually make round shortbread cookies, too.

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