{TWD}Very Cherry Berry Blend Crumb Cake


This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie selection was the Blueberry Crumb Cake. By the way, I keep wanting to call this a crumble cake. What the heck is a crumble?

In the recipe introduction, Dorie Greenspan states that you can use any type of berry except for strawberries because they are too watery. My farmers’ market only has strawberries this time of year, so I used Trader Joe’s frozen Very Cherry Berry Blend. This bag of  frozen berries contains: cherries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

I made half a recipe, added ground ginger along with the other spices,  and used my 8″ springform pan. Next time I make this (and there will be a next time), I’ll make the full recipe and maybe try carmelizing some apples.

I made the cake one day and it was gone the next. I ate one slice and my husband, P, ate the rest. He really, really liked the cake. He asked me if it was bad that eat the whole thing. I told him no, because I halved the recipe. 😛

Thank you to Sihan for selecting the very delicious Blueberry Crumb Cake. Visit her blog to get the recipe.


53 thoughts on “{TWD}Very Cherry Berry Blend Crumb Cake

  1. I love the very cherry blend (in theory, I’ve never used it though), it sounds exactly right for this cake. I’m making a mental note to get a bag the next time I’m at TJ’s. The cake looks great and I’m glad that your husband was such a fan of it. I always love it when I make something and it’s devoured right away.

  2. This looks so fantastic…one of the best I have seen, hands down. You are fast becoming one of my favorite go-to TWD bloggers…each week, always lovely. I am going to have to try again…with this photo as my inspiration! Great job.

  3. I almost used the Trader Joe’s cherry berry blend on this, too! But I didn’t have quite enough left, so I bought a bag of frozen blueberries. Glad to hear that the blend works well — I think any berry would be great in this!

  4. At this time we have only fresh flavourless strawberries from Spain, I used frozen blueberries. But your blend sounds interesting

    Everything allright with your teeth after all the moo-moos?

  5. Mmm, I love your addition of ginger. It totally compliments the fruit! And this crumb looks FANTASTIC. I’m sure the very cherry berry blend worked fabulously in this recipe. Can’t wait to see what happens when you try the apples!

  6. Oooh…put the Very Cherry Blend on the list for my next TJs run. A little tart fruit in this would cut the butteriness of the topping. Looks great!

  7. Thank goodness this wasn’t in my face either or else I would have eaten the entire thing, too. I love that you made it in a springform pan! 🙂

    I made it with blueberries the first time around and it was meh. I then made it a second time and it turned out way better as a banana oatmeal crumb cake.

    Say hi to hubs P for me! 🙂

  8. Hummm… cherries! I must try this when cherries are in season here, it sounds amasing!

    …I’m still waiting for an invitation for coffee, ya know! LOL LOL LOL

  9. LOVE the round cake; how smart to use the springform. I lost topping when I unmolded the cake, and was forced to eat the crumbs that fell below the cooling rack. Wait, was that a bad thing? I like cooking with frozen berries. Fresh market has some delicious ones; now I’ll check out Trader Joe’s offerings.

    My favorite part of baking is when I make something that my husband enjoys. With the cheesecake we kept it in the freezer and rationed out slices every weekend. He was so sad when it was gone!

  10. Your cake looks fantastic! I had TJ’s frozen cherries in my freezer (from a different coffee cake), but went for blueberries instead. I love the carmelized apple idea.

  11. I love your very cherry berry crumble cake! I love your idea of trying this with carmelized apples. So glad that your hubs enjoyed all (half?) of this, too!

  12. I love TJ’s cherry berry blend — it was my first time using this fruit blend for this recipe, and really enjoyed it. The addition of ginger sounds fantastic — i’m noting it for next time. Great job Wendy!

  13. Wasn’t this recipe awesome? I just fell totally in love with this cake! Its super easy to make, smells delicious as it cooks.. and is just perfect with coffee! Love how yours came out 🙂

  14. Yum and yum! It looks really great, and I bet the berry blend was delicious. So jealous of your Trader Joe’s, the closest one to me is 4 hours away.

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