{TWD} Real Butterscotch Pudding

imgp3000Just got back from vacation on Sunday. Bought ingredients and made pudding on Monday. Forgot to buy brown sugar, made own with molasses and regular sugar. This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie was Real Butterscotch Pudding selected by Donna of Spatulas, Corkscrews & Suitcases. The good thing about this recipe was that it was relatively simple to make. By simple, I don’t mean neat. My kitchen was a disaster, with all the pouring back and forth from the pot to the food processor to the pot again and then back to the food processor and finally to the ramekins. I’m amazed I actually had pudding left to pour into the ramekins.

After tasting the pudding, I felt I could get drunk from eating it because the taste of alcohol was very strong. In reality, there was only 2 tbsp of single-malt scotch in the whole recipe.  Divided by six , there’s only a little more than 1 tsp in each. I liked the taste, but this is definitely an adult dessert.

22 thoughts on “{TWD} Real Butterscotch Pudding

  1. Looks great – and it should for all your effort! It seems like the single-malt scotch users got a really strong taste – I used a blended scotch and it was just a hint. Happy holidays!

  2. I too am impressed you made your own brown sugar. Nothing will deter a TWD baker! My pudding is chilling right now, I can’t wait to try it after reading about everyone else’s!

  3. Pinkstripes, you had the good luck pudding fairy on your side! It looks good and I wish mine thickened like yours. Nothing is better than a good sugar and alcohol buzz from a pudding, I bet. 😉 Happy Holidays, my baking friend!

  4. Making your own brown sugar! Very resourceful. Looks yummy. I skipped the alcohol because I don’t drink and I’m sure that 1 teaspoon would hit me too hard 🙂 Want to wish you a happy holiday season. I have enjoyed reading your blog this year and look forward to more yummy creations in 2009!

  5. You MADE your own brown sugar?

    I hate you. Just kidding. I posted the cheesecake this week, but I made the pudding today. It looks and smells amazing. My 11 year old loved it. Hmmm, maybe she’ll sleep better tonight!

    Happy Holidays!

  6. I hear you about all the pots and pans. And I’m wondering what’s up with me – my husband thought it was boozy, and I didn’t, and neither one of us is a drinker. Maybe I just need some sustenance during this time of the year? 😉

  7. I hope you enjoyed your vacation. I experienced the back and forth with the chocolate pudding, so I skipped it this time around and used my whisk instead. =)

  8. I just made my pudding this afternoon so it’s in the fridge chilling right now. I’m not surprised that you thought the alcohol was strong. It was definitely the overwhelming scent in mine when I transferred to the ramekin. I’m hoping the time in the fridge will mellow it out…

  9. I knew it would be a mess by making Dorie’s chocolate pudding a while back. I wasn’t going to make that mistake this time. I used my mixer and a whisk. Good results, way less mess!
    Glad you liked my pick!

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