{twd} mini tropical crisps


I’m sure the Cran-Apple Crisps are delicious and I know they areย  seasonally appropriate. However, I’m currently in a vacation frame of mind. I leave for Fiji/French Polynesia in a week & a half and I can’t wait. When I read Dorie Greenspan’s Playing Around suggestion of using bananas & pineapple instead of the cranberries and apples, I jumped at it.

I made an 1/8th of the recipe and was able to make 5 two-bite crisps. For the fruit I used: pineapple, banana, mango, and dried pineapple. When I made the crisp topping, I used chipotle chile powder instead of the spices.

Thank you to Em of The Repressed Pastry Chef for hosting this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie selection. If you would like the recipe, please visit her blog or buy the book.


52 thoughts on “{twd} mini tropical crisps

  1. When I first read the title of your post, I thought it said mini tropical crisis – I was immediately struck with the fear that your vacation was canceled!

    However, I’m glad to see it’s only me that’s not awake yet and obviously having trouble focusing.

    Fiji? Ahhhh……….

  2. This is why we come here, you know, for all your unique tweaks! This sounds very very good to me and it looks just delightful. Can’t wait to hear about your trip.

  3. I plan to live vicariously through your vacation report! And for now I’ll get in the tropical mood by looking at your crisps. I love the chipotle that you added, and the assortment of fruits, but the best part is the “two bite” serving size. Too cute!!

  4. I hope you take lots and lots of pictures of your Fiji/FP trip and share them with us so we can live vicariously through you ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job on the crisps! Perfect way to start getting into the island frame of mind!

  5. I can’t wait to hear about your vacation! Also, I did not like the way “Once” turned out. Did you? I do love that song in it however. Thanks for suggesting it.

  6. I’m sooo jealous, I wish I was going on a cool vacation too! Ok.. back to the point ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think your crisps look amazingly good and I’m gonna guess that they’re even more awesome with the banana, mango, and pineapple flavors. I haven’t read the recipe but I’ll probably make this for next week and it will definitely have banana in it!
    Have an awesome trip!

  7. Have so much fun on your trip while the rest of us TWDers are stuck home in the cold, wet, yuckiness of Not-Fiji :)…OK, I am jealous…take pictures at least!

  8. I saw the playing around section and would have loved to have tried this tropical version if we had the ingredients on hand

    did you like the taste of it?

  9. What a wonderful twist! It must have been delicious with the pineapple and banana. I actually divided the recipe so much, I ended up making enough for one ramekin!

  10. Have you been to Fiji before? we didnt go this year, but try and go somewhere in the south pacific every year – Fiji is our favourite. where are you going to be staying? oh, and the crisps look great too :0)

  11. Love your vacations plans! Yowza! Beautiful ocean and beaches…great food…great drinks….great relaxation. What FUN!

    Speaking of fun, your 1/8 of a recipe for tropical crisp looks delicious and I am dying to know how great this must have tasted.

  12. Way to Go Wendy! You’re in a Fiji frame of mind. I can’t wait to hear about your trip and your diving. So excited . Now that crisp sounds awesome and you can space out the calories on your bikini body. hehe Love that you used the variations and then some Wendy variations too. I learn so much from reading the blogs. Have a great trip.

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