{twd} little snackie things

I’ve gone diving with sharks, traveled alone to other countries, and presented at major scientific conferences–yet I was scared of deep-frying. I even considered baking this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie selection, Mrs. Vogel’s Scherben, to avoid heating gobs of oil to dangerously high temperatures.

I bit the bullet and jumped into the frying pan(ha!) because of doughnuts. Yes, doughnuts. I’ve been wanting to make traditional, yeasted doughnuts for awhile now but because of the frying-thing put them off. In the screwy logic base that is my head, I figured these scherben things are small and would be good practice for doughnuts which are big (it’s all relative).

Scherben means shards in German and it’s what the mother (Mrs. Vogel) of one of Dorie Greenspan’s friends called them. They are dough rolled paper-thin, cut into strips, fried, and then covered with cinnamon-sugar. I call them little snackie things. Because that’s way more understandable to the co-workers. 😛

Whatever you call them, they’re delicious (0r so I’ve been told. I’m eating vegan this week). Who doesn’t like fried dough covered in sugar?

Thank you so much to Teanna of Spork or Foon? for hosting this week’s selection. She is an awesome blogger, storyteller, and a very creative baker. Because of her I am now ready to tackle doughnuts! If you would like the recipe for the Sherben, visit her blog or buy the book.


37 thoughts on “{twd} little snackie things

  1. Thank you so much Pink, for visiting while I was gone… I appreciate it very much!

    Wishing you and your family a very happy new year… perhaps over a cup of tea and a couple of those great fried thingies! LOL LOL

  2. Your little snackie things look great 🙂 I was surprised by how much I liked these, I’m usually not a fan of fried things, but they were really light and not at all greasy. I made doughnuts (though not yeasted) a few months ago, and they were really fun and delicious. Have fun with them!

  3. Your little snackie things look great. Glad they were a hit with the co-workers. Good luck with the doughnuts. I’m really craving a doughnut now.

  4. How funny! I also plan to make doughnuts soon as well. That is on my to-do list.

    I love your Scherbens. Very nice. Very nice very nice. (I sound like Borat huh?) 😉

  5. I wish you’d renamed these last week. I’ve been perplexing people by saying “I need to make scherben”, “The scherben are almost ready” or “the scherben are past their prime.” Little snacky things have a more universal appeal. And yours look perfect. I can’t wait to see the doughnuts!

  6. Haha little snackie things – I love it!! A much more apt and descriptive term than scherben 🙂 Whatever you call them, yours look terrific.

    Can’t wait to see the donuts!

  7. Yours look just like the book! Glad you confronted your frying fears. I went cage diving in South Africa. It was fun. The great whites looked nothing in person like they do on t.v. It was still fun though.

  8. The guys were eating these as fast as I could fry and sugar them. Probably need to make some more on these cold wintery nights for them. Yours look really perfect!

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