{TWD} Four-Star Chocolate Bread Pudding


I never thought I would be in a place in my life to use stale homemade croissants for bread pudding. But here I am and here we are with this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie selection: Four-Star Chocolate Bread Pudding. Dorie Greenspan suggests using stale brioche or challah. I figured stale croissants would work.

Because I only had 6 ounces of stale croissants, I made a half a recipe. The recipe came together quickly with no hang-ups. Other than the croissants, I didn’t substitute or add ingredients. I baked it one day and tried it the next like suggested. I’ve learned that bread pudding is not my thing. I’ve only had it once before and thought it was okay. I liked the taste of the Four-Star Chocolate Bread Pudding I just don’t like the texture of bread pudding.

Thank you to Lauren of Upper East Side Chronicle for selecting this week’s recipe. Visit her blog for the recipe.


66 thoughts on “{TWD} Four-Star Chocolate Bread Pudding

  1. Well, just being in a place in your life where you have leftover croissants sounds pretty good to me! I’m sorry you didn’t like this more…I did, but it’s not going to rise to the top of the chocolate charts for me, either. It’s funny, I love chocolate, but most of the time I’d almost have a piece of it than something made with it.

  2. j’adore ce genre ramequins avec ces petites poignΓ©es..il faut absolument que je m’en trouve !
    je l’ai fait aux croissants aussi, aux saveurs de l’abricot !
    c’est super rΓ©ussi πŸ™‚

  3. I’m glad I stumbled upon this…I was just thinking yesterday that I’d like to make a chocolate bread pudding. I usually make it with with chunks of dark chocolate, may try an all over one! Thanks!

  4. Hey there, I love your colorful photo. Sorry it didn’t blow your skirt up. I think it is at its peak chilled the next day, although probably not worth the calories in my book either. I think the bread choice may have something to do with the texture, if you’re ever making a BP recipe in the future. I know… you were being a good steward, clap clap clap! Good show!
    ps back from blog vaca woo hoo

  5. I used croissants, too. I loved the pudding but I’ll admit that it wasn’t so insanely good that I didn’t feel guilty about every spoonful that I put in my mouth. Props to you for trying it, though!
    p.s. the picture is so colorful and spring-ish that it makes me smile just looking at it. Gorgeous!

  6. I think you were on the right track with croissants, even though you didn’t love the results. The dish you baked it in and your silverware piece are beautiful!

  7. So sorry you didn’ t like it. Bread pudding is one of my fav things. And although I think it tastes great when made with croissants, I think it’s best when made with brioche.

  8. your pudding is gorgeous, and i imagine the croissants add another layer of richness. it does have an interesting texture and i can see how that could be less than appealing. i used a hearty farm bread and it held up fairly well.

  9. I have yet to try a bread pudding made out of donuts or croissants, it sounds like it would be ridiculously good. Too bad you didn’t really love this, it certainly looks delicious.

  10. I don’t think I will ever get to a place in my life when I could use stale homemade croissants in bread pudding, because I don’t ever think I’ll get to a place in my life when I am brave enough to try to make homemade croissants. I am sorry that you didn’t love this – I hate to think of those croissants being sacrificed to something that you didn’t just adore. But I guess bread pudding is just not for everyone. Yours looks perfect, anyway!

  11. Hey! I have that exact same serving silver spatula… even used it in a couple of my pics too! LOL

    I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this too much… at least now you are sure it is not your thing. Too bad, though… cause it you bake a mean looking bread pudding!

  12. I can’t imagine being in a place where I’d use stale homemade croissants because a) I don’t see myself making croissants – yipes! and b) if I did make them there’s no way any would be around long enough to get stale!! Anyway, for those of us who do love the texture of bread pudding, yours looks absolutely perfect. If I lived within striking distance, you wouldn’t have those on your hands for more than a second or two…

  13. I love bread pudding, but am ultra-picky when it comes to their texture. Maybe there’s a bread pudding out there for you yet! Love that you used up old croissants… and it looks awesome, even though you didn’t care for it.

  14. Your bread pudding looks wonderful. The crossiants sound like they would have been an amazing addition. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it as much. I’m not a bread pudding fan either but with chocolate, it was enjoyable. Just not my fave.

  15. Sorry it wasn’t your favorite Wendy. This was my first time trying bread pudding and I loved it but I can definitely see how the texture would be an issue.

  16. Croissants would be awesome in this. I liked the chocolate bread pudding okay, but would certainly pick something else if faced witha dessert menu and other options. Yours looks great!

  17. Love your white baking dish and the photos. Sorry it wasn’t your favorite. We loved it. But yours looks so good and tasty!! (as always). And croissants sound like they would be very good in it.

  18. You and Ina…using croissants for bread pudding…stunning decision, both of you! Isn’t it nice to be in the same category as Ina? I love your linens by the way, those are just lovely!

  19. I love croissants and have resisted learning to make them as I know I would eat the whole batch! So I am amazed that you had stale ones, such willpower!

  20. The crossants were a great idea! I think I would love it! I used toasted french bread so my bread pudding came out more chewy. Maybe if you used a different kind of bread you’d like the texture more?

  21. I’m definitely a texture person with food, so I completely understand that problem. For me, it’s the slimy or really smooth foods (think flan). It looks wonderful though!

  22. I can see how you could get hung up on the texture of bread pudding. I wonder how the texture differed with croissants. I would think the buttery flakey structure would be delicious, but I could also see that they might not have enough absorption ability to hold up in a bread pudding.

  23. Ok, wait. 1. You MADE croissants? And 2. How exactly did they get stale? I’m quite certain they wouldn’t last that long in my house!

    Wow – looks fabulous! I’m so inspired!!

  24. Although it might not be your favorite, it looks wonderful! Using the croissants was a great idea! (as if they need anymore cream and eggs). It is supposed to cool down tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  25. I don’t want to know how many calories are in one slice of your croissant pudding! πŸ˜‰ I made mine with cinnamon bread. It was darn good, too!

  26. Using the croissants was really creative, but, I agree, that they might not have soaked up enough of the liquid because of their texture. Perhaps you could try again?

  27. That’s totally fair: bread pudding does have an odd texture. I love that you used croissants in this recipe. And, because you’re not the biggest fan, I’d be more than happy to finish any leftovers for you πŸ™‚ Great job!

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