{twd} Cottage Cheese Pufflets

Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed; like I have too much going on and can’t catch my breath. I have two competing desires inside of me right now. The first is the desire to run out and do everything I always wanted  to do, but for whatever reason I couldn’t in the past. I need to stay busy, to be occupied, to always have something planned. On the other hand, I sometimes want to run away, disappear, do nothing and hibernate for a long long time.

There are things I have to do–show up for work, mow the lawn, pay the bills, sleep–and things I want to do. On my want-to list: travel, meet new people, try new activities, make my house my own. The most limiting  factor in all of this is time. I find myself staying up later and later to get everything I need to and/or want to done. I’m learning to let go, I’m learning to spend time by myself, I’m learning to not let myself get too tired or too hungry.

What does all this have to do with this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe, Cottage Cheese Pufflets? The dough to these light fluffy jam-filled cookies was fussy. It did not help that I made these on a day when the outside temperature was close to 100º F (welcome to Fall in Southern California) and that that the dough is easiest to roll when it stays well-chilled.  I rolled out half the dough, cut it into two-inch squares, and scooped a bit of Trader Joes mango-ginger chutney onto each. I shaped a couple into triangles as directed and ended up shaping the rest into round purses because it was easier. As for the the other half of the dough? I threw it away. Although these cookies were tasty, they weren’t worth my time and effort. I’ve got other things to do. 😛

Thank you to Jacque of Daisy Lane Cakes for hosting this week. If you would like the recipe, visit her blog or buy the book.

44 thoughts on “{twd} Cottage Cheese Pufflets

  1. Hello!
    Thought I’d drop by and return the favor! Great site (I’m drooling over those ravioli) Sorry you didn’t like the recipe this week (I did end up freezing half my dough and must say you should check these out again in the midst of winter– and maybe try a savory filling too!)

  2. They are cute, sorry they lacked the wow factor.
    You are so adventurous! My act of rebellion when on my own (besides dating) was to get a cat. I am wild that way. 😉

  3. The weather must have been a factor- they weren’t too fussy for me in the cold north east. I hope you found something fun to do with the rest of your time!

  4. I fee for you! I find myself having the same dilemma, especially as I get older. I sometimes feel like I have to rush because I’m running out of time!

    I didn’t get to make these because I just didn’t have time. Just as well, because I despise cottage cheese.

    Your puffs look great, despite the 100 degree heat!

  5. Oh no ! You could have frozen for better times !! How south are you in California ? I lived in Santa Barbara and now that fall is coming I miss that wheather (even when it was way too hot !)

  6. It’s not easy finding balance in life, and sometimes you just have to walk away from the messiest commitments. Even so, the little purses you fashioned from this troublesome dough look sweet and delicious.

  7. I am totally living vicariously through you right now. You are on warp speed!

    I totally agree with you – these weren’t worth all the effort. Too many things to do!

  8. I love the little round purses cute. I had a lot of leftover dough and it ended up in the garbage too. Not enough time or patience to try to make more of these. Great looking pufflets.

  9. You were so smart not to struggle with them–they look fantastic as is! I was so close to tossing my dough in the trash, too, but I liked them when they came out of the oven.

  10. Ha, I definitely had visions of tossing my dough as well! You are awesome and I have no doubt that you will get top do all thge things you’ve ever wanted to do!!

  11. I love the filling you put in your pufflet purses – ginger would be a good complement to the dough. The six I made were more than enough – mine weren’t even that tasty, and definitely fussy! It’s fun to watch what you’ve been doing and learning (but sleep is pretty essential).

  12. Wow, that is hot for fall. It’s much cooler here and my dough still seemed to “melt” very rapidly upon removal from the fridge.
    I thought mine were good, but too much work for the result.

  13. I baked one pan and threw away the rest of my dough. I agree that there are better things to spend time on than messing with these! The purses are a great idea though.

    Enjoy yourself whatever you decide to do!

  14. The purse shape is a good idea – I too found the triangles difficult to make with this dough. Tell me about the conflict between what we have to do and what we want to do – and I have so much I want to do!!

  15. If only I would have seen your way of working with the dough- I think I would’ve had an easier time with these! They look really good. Too bad I know how frustrating these are!

  16. So many opinions on these pufflets this week – my dough wasn’t terribly fussy but seems I was in the minority. Your pufflets look gorgeous! Glad you didn’t stress over the remaining dough, sounds like you made the right decision 🙂

  17. Well i did not make these because they just did not sound like something I was interested in, but I have to say yours are especially gorgeous! Sorry you didn’t love them. Makes me glad I did not waste my time on them this week. I feel overwhelmed so much of the time too. Things always inprove though if you just hang in there!
    Have a happy week!

  18. The idea of making pufflet purses was a great solution for fussy dough! They look wonderful. I didn’t have any trouble with my dough, though these weren’t my favorite Dorie recipe. Tasty, but not spectacular. Luckily, I only made 1/4 of the recipe, and my son loved them.

  19. I remember those SoCal autumns…I prefer the New England version, but I do miss those chilly mornings near the coast, waiting for the “marine layer” (I don’t know why, but that phrase amuses me) to burn off.

    I love your ginger chutney idea – I think these needed a bit of spice to perk them up, and it sounds like the chutney did that for you. Lovely purselets!

  20. I just love the color on yours! Such a pretty shade of just right! Also love the other little round ones with the jam showing…I am all about jam showing so I can see which one I might want. Very beautiful. Great job. Loved reading all about the things you have going on now, your goals, etc. Nice list.

  21. I only made half too – the other half is sitting in the fridge, waiting to be tossed out. Now I don’t feel so bad. Sorry this recipe wasn’t a winner for you, but your choice of filling sounds mighty tasty.

  22. Ah, sorry these were such a pain, I know, they were difficult.

    I like your little purses, it’s nice you did what works for you. Thanks for baking along this week 🙂

    P.S. Your dinner party menu looks fantastic!

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