{twd} Classic Banana Bundt-less Cake

My bundt pans are with my vanilla beans. I hope they are having a fun time. Partying it up. I really didn’t need a third bundt pan. Well, no one ever needs a third bundt pan. It wasn’t in the budget this week, so no bundt pan.

I had a busy weekend planned, including a hike to the peak of Mt. Baldy (Mount San Antonio), so I made the cake on Friday night. I made half a recipe and used my  8×8-inch square pan.  In the middle, I added a cinnamon-sugar layer. Before I left for the hike on Saturday morning, I cut up the cake and left notes for the family: “Okay to eat” and “Do not touch, for pictures”. I realized I needed notes after my mother ate some of my milano cookies before I had a chance to take pictures.

The cake was delicious and enjoyed by all and quickly disappeared once I gave free-reign on all of it.

Thank you to Mary of The Food Librarian who chose the Classic Banana Bundt Cake as this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe. She is another Southern California food-blogger like me and she often has great looking bundt cakes and little action figures in her posts (unlike me). I really want some of those action figures. Oh, and bundt cakes. Check out her blog if you would like this week’s recipe or buy Dorie Greenspan’s Baking…From My Home to Yours.


54 thoughts on “{twd} Classic Banana Bundt-less Cake

  1. I love that you had to quarantine some of this cake for pictures – so perfectly food blogger-ish 🙂 And what do you mean, you don’t need another bundt pan? The more, the better!

  2. Wow love the square pan idea, great little snack cakes for lunch boxes. Gotta think back to school 😛 We loved this cake and I will definitely be making it again. By request too!

  3. Wendy, Thanks for baking along! Oh my…I forgot about my Librarian action figure!! Next time…as you know there will be lots more Bundts on my dance card.

    And I understand the budget reason…but there are never too many Bundt pans, sister! 🙂

    Thanks again fellow Los Angeles friend! – mary the food librarian

  4. You are your own action figure! How long does it take to hike Mt. Baldy? I haven’t been up there in years.

    Great looking cake. I’m sure your old kitchen friends can’t wait to be reunited with you!

  5. Ooo, that added cinnamon swirl is pure genius! I bet that was a super delish addition!

    Too about your bundt and beans chillin’ together, party-ing it up! 🙂 Darn ’em!

  6. Hahaha I love that you leave notes for the family with instructions. Glad they listened and you were able to photograph this cake before it was all gobbled up! It looks terrific!

    Oh, and I totally loved Mary’s action figures too 🙂

  7. I one time hiked up a Mt Baldy, but that was in New Mexico, so apparently not the same one…

    Your banana cake sounds wonderful with that cinnamon layer!

  8. The cinnamon sugar layer sounds delicious.

    The book you’re reading sounds good. Eat Pray Love is good too – especially the “eat” part!

  9. The cake looks terrific in square form, especially that little cinnamon layer. It’s a good thing you left a note, this cake is pretty irresistible.

  10. I also have to quarantine food for pictures. Sometimes my fiance tries his hardest not to eat them…sometimes he does.
    Great photos fellow TWD baker!

  11. I love your square cake and so funny about the notes! I’m with your mom – those milanos would have been history…

    Love the mountain picture, what a cool hike.

  12. The fact that you have to leave notes is clearly a testament to how good your baking is. The cake looks lovely. Hope you get your vanilla beans (and bundt pans) back soon. I know they miss you, too!

  13. Your cake looks wonderful. Matt was wishing I had made mine in a loaf pan so he could toast it…it’s a little hard to toast cake. LOL. Mine was not in toasting (or posting) shape, but I posted it anyway.

  14. If my mother had given up cooking/baking, I would not have more than one bundt pan. And mine stuck to EVERYTHING!!!

    Nice to see it doesn’t HAVE to be a bundt cake. It looks delicious, especially with that cinnamon layer.

    It WAS a great cake.

  15. How was Baldy? I have skiied there but not hiked; was it warm and humid like down here? I like your cinnamon layer, added something extra I’m sure, anyway your cake looks very good!!!

  16. Congrats on sucessfully completing your hike! Love the cinnamon sugar layer in your cake – would have made a delicious cake even more special. LOL at having to put a note on it so that no-one ate it before you took photos.

  17. There is a chance your family is going to starve when you leave to start your new chapter. I’m picturing the classroom chalkboard with arrows and
    notes. he he Love the idea of the bundtless cake.
    Congrats on the hike, Wendy. I got my new van beans in the mail recently. They look lovely. Hope yours get back to you soon.

  18. I made a little sign for my apricots (intended for the brioche, a couple of weeks ago). It said, “Do not eat these apricots!” The next morning, after my brioche tart was assembled, I changed the sign to say: “Free to a good home.”

    Your banana cake looks great, and the layer of cinnamon sugar in the middle sounds perfect!

  19. How funny that you posted little notes. I love it.
    Looks like a great hike and of course the banana cake/cinnamon swirl looks amazing! It really was delicious.

  20. No such thing as too many bundt pans!!!
    Your cake looks so nice and moist, I like your alterations. Nice photo! It looks like you were having fun 🙂

  21. Admit it… you thought I had let you down!!! Nope.

    I was on vacation for most of the passed two weeks. Thanks to blogger, I was able to make my absence seem almost nil… with preposting.

    I’m glad I came to see this beaut’ of a banana bundt though!

  22. I loved this cake so much that I’m actually hauling 3 overripe bananas back from the beach (who does that?) so I can make it again when I get home. I’m so glad to see that this works in a regular square pan – who wouldn’t love a square of banana cake? It looks great! Hope you get to your stuff soon . . .

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