{twd} coffee-break muffins

A morning without coffee is a morning you do not want to be around me. For running motivation I run to the coffee shop. They know if I come in with my reusable cup I’m getting regular coffee and if I don’t I’m getting an iced Americano. They know I sometimes use non-fat milk and sometimes soy milk (vegan days). They know me by name and occasionally give me free drinks for the heck of it. To say I heart coffee is an understatement.

Prior to baking this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe, Coffee-Break Muffins, I had not heard of coffee muffins. Of course I knew about coffee cake, but really, there’s no coffee in coffee cake. Unlike these little bundles of joy, which uses coffee instead of milk as a liquid and espresso powder just to kick them up a bit.

Thanks to Rhiani of Chocoholic Anonymous for hosting this week’s selection. For the recipe, visit her blog or buy the book.

19 thoughts on “{twd} coffee-break muffins

  1. I’m quite a coffee fan too. I think when I saw the title of the recipe, I thought they were going to be coffee cake muffins…kinda cool that they have coffee in them!

  2. Yup, never knew why coffee cake had its name except to be eaten while drinking coffee. Anyway your coffee stop is your Cheers, right? Love that you are part of the fam. I liked these muffins and oddly I pulled my chemex coffee pot out of the top cabinet this week. Just needed the good stuff. Glad you liked them too.

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