{twd} cappuccino bites

This post will be short and sweet {and, of course, delicious}. I’m so tired from all the baking I did this weekend. I don’t think my kitchen was clean for more than five minutes. And it was clean those five minutes because I was asleep.

In addition to this week’s Tuesdays With Dorie recipe, Cinnamon Squares, I made: bagels, brioche, bee stings (2x), pecan honey sticky buns, ice cream, and a granita. And then when I finally got the kitchen clean on Sunday night, I had to pack my lunch for work on Monday.

I decided to use my mini-muffin pan and  make mini-cupcakes because like I wrote before, co-workers don’t like to slice. I also made the Cappuccino Square Playing Around suggestion.  I made the full recipe and had enough for 24 mini-cupcakes and one 8×4 loaf pan. I didn’t frost the loaf pan one because 1/2 of it disappeared mysteriously on Saturday morning around breakfast time.What’s not to like about these? There’s cinnamon, espresso, and chocolate.

A big thanks to Tracey of Tracey’s Culinary Adventures. This was a great choice because it was very easy and delicious. I feel a certain kinship with Tracey because we Tweeted each other over the weekend due to our Bee Sting adventure.  If  you would like the recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s Cinnamon Squares, please buy the book or visit Tracey’s blog.


63 thoughts on “{twd} cappuccino bites

  1. Man, that’s a baking marathon and a half! I hope you had someone else on hand to help with the dishes. Great looking mini cinnamon muffins – and so true that colleagues do not like to slice.

  2. Wow yours look so good! I’m glad this worked out for you! It did smell Heavenly, but something went wrong with mine. Amazingly, my ribbon didn’t sink LOL

  3. Those are soooooo cute!! I would eat so many minis. This must have been a fun week for you and your coworkers with the amazing desserts you have been bringing in

  4. Minis! They look great! You must be exhausted from all of your work in the kitchen this weekend. My coworkers are less picky…they’ll eat anything as long as it hasn’t landed on the floor!

  5. Nicely done, my friend, nicely done. They look awesome.

    I know what you mean, too about being “overbaked”. I’ve had those kind of weekends before. It was crazy, but everyone (including us bloggers) always appreciate your hard work and efforts in the end. 🙂

  6. I LOVE how these rose up over the liner…they are just gorgeous…they look like a little mouthful of cinnamon heaven!!!!

  7. I’m impressed that you were able to accomplish so much baking in one weekend. Your little muffins look great. These disappeared fast around here, too.

  8. Very nice twist! Minis are always better… they make you believe you are not eating much therefore not gaining too much… even if in reality, you end up popping several more than you should! LOL …but it’s okay, since it’s all unknowingly!

    Very cute and nicely done, Pink!

  9. At the end of the weekend, if you asked me to measure anything I would have revolted. That dacquoise slayed me. And now my kitchen seems to be in the habit of dirtying itself. I made a vegetable and a loaf of bread yesterday, and it looked like a war zone. Your minis turned out so well, I love that the little middle layer shows through the cupcake liners. It was delicious frosted or unfrosted, but maybe you know that?

  10. Wow, you were busy! I actually made the bee stings too, but ran out of time and never wrote a post! Bad blogger!

    The minimuffins are really cute. And extra work, too, having to do a layer in each one.

  11. I love these as mini-muffins! (If one calls them that, one is ALLOWED to eat them for breakfast.)
    Of course, I would love them in just about any form. Thanks for the hint about the variation!

  12. I wondered when you were sleeping this past weekend…everytime we tweeted, you were baking/cooking/shopping/preparing/etc. and I was totally impressed at the amount of things you were getting done. These little “bites” are so adorable…you have such a way with styling everything and being creative with your food.

  13. Thanks for baking with me this week Wendy! You’ve been so busy I would definitely have understood if you’d had to sit this one out 🙂 I absolutely love your minis!! Wasn’t it neat how the middle swirl showed through the wrappers?

  14. I love the minis. What a weekend! I wish I could’ve been in your kitchen, just to see all the beautiful things you made. I will have to get back to this recipe. It sounds like everyone loved it.

  15. Holy cow, you’re a baking machine! I can’t believe you baked all those goodies over one weekend!
    Your Cinnamon Square mini-muffins look amazing! Is it sugar crystals on top? Your co-workers are soo lucky!!

  16. I made cupcakes, too, but yours look much better than mine. These were tasty–even still today. I really liked the choc/cinnamon better than I thought I would. Great job!

  17. you AMAZE ME, really, you are like my baking blog idol. Where do you get the time? You should totally do a piece on your kitchen, dying to know what your workspace looks like. That is one hellofa baking marathon. Where did it all go? lol I love the idea for these mini bites, my work peeps are all the same, although they did dive into the cherry pistachio pie.

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