{twd} brrrr…ownies

Not to be confused with the inferior two or three “r” versions, the four “r” Brrrr…ownies are pure genius–brownies with chopped up bits of York Peppermint Patties .Full of minty-chocolate goodness these brownies are addictive. Topped with double-bean vanilla ice cream, they’re heavenly.

Thanks to Karenof Welcome to our Crazy Blessed Life for hosting this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie .

(still doing all this via iPhone)


20 thoughts on “{twd} brrrr…ownies

  1. The ice cream is just what these brownies needed to cut the richness.

    Did you also take your picture with your i-Phone? If so, I’m totally impressed!

  2. You are the smart one who paired this will a big ole scoop of ice cream! Looks delicious! Glad you enjoyed these. I liked them a lot more than I expected!

  3. Love the ice cream on top of the brownie! Unfortunately, mine turned out to be a huge mess that stuck to everything so they will soon find a home IN the ice cream!

  4. Who doesn’t love ice cream with brownies? What great photos and a great post! So glad you enjoyed making them – and eating them!

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