{twd} flaky mixed berry and ginger turnovers

I mowed the lawn! After going through my entire life without ever mowing a lawn, I finally did it. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but I was dreading doing it. Now that I’ve done it, I have no idea why I was so worried about it. Once I figured out how to start the lawn mower, I was good to go. Although my technique might not be perfect and it’s not the best job, I DID IT.


Freshly mowed lawn

This week’s Tuesdays with DorieFlaky Apple Turnovers, which I made with frozen mixed berries–are like my lawn mowing-skills. Although my technique isn’t perfect and they aren’t the best looking turnovers, I got the job done.  Instead of apples I used frozen mixed berries I had on hand. Instead of cinnamon I used Chinese 5-spice (I was going to substitute cardamon, but I didn’t have any.) I also added candied ginger bits.

Thank you to Julie of Someone’s in the Kitchen, the wonderful host for this week’s pick. The turnovers were FLAKY and delicious. If you would like the recipe, please visit her blog or buy the book.

57 thoughts on “{twd} flaky mixed berry and ginger turnovers

  1. The only time I ever mowed the lawn was when I lived in a house with a lawn the size of a postage stamp…with a manual mower!! It was kind of fun, actually – but it didn’t exactly get the job done! I hope you rewarded yourself by lying down on your beautiful lawn and eating a beautiful turnover!

  2. yippeee for mowing the lawn for the first time!! looks to me like you did a fantastic job!

    on your turnovers as well 😉 they look SO good. i aspire for my turnovers to look as delish as yours! *crosses fingers*

  3. Congrats to you on both accounts. I mowed the lawn once and now Marc does not let me near the lawn mower. Personally, I don’ t think I did THAT bad of a job. Anyway…I’m much better at baking than lawn mowing. :o) But mowing more lawns might help me to burn off all of the extra calories from the baking. Okay…enough about that. I like the look of your turnovers. That oozing berry goodness is totally calling my name.

  4. Yay! Congratulations on mowing the lawn. I had to mow my lawn when I lived in Texas, and I remember I was absolutely terrified the first time I had to get the mower started. As soon as I figured it out though, I really liked doing it. I had a pretty small yard to mow, so that might be why.
    On to the turnovers — they’re gorgeous. I love, love, love the beautiful color of the berry filling. I bet that they tasted absolutely incredible.

  5. The filling that you made sounds wonderful! Congrats on mowing your lawn- I know it can be quite an accomplishment sometimes and I think it looks great. Glad you are back in your house and getting back into the swing of things!

  6. Beautiful job…on the lawn mowing and the turnovers! YOU did it! Berries sound like a wonderful choice with this recipe and I just love it when I get something that has oozing bits!

  7. Ooh, see, now the problem with these turnovers is that I’m seeing way too many delicious looking variations! Berry/ginger sounds de-lish!
    I didn’t make apple ones either!
    Great job on the turnovers and the lawn! You go!

  8. Those look delicious. Nice and brown and oozing with flavor. Perfect.

    The 5-spice was good? I thought about using it, but wasn’t sure how it would go with pears. Next time..

  9. Ginger + berries would be perfect with these turnovers. I thought the apple was wimpy. But mowing the lawn? Not wimpy at all; great job. I used to make the patterns different each week – vertical, horizontal, diagonal – kept it interesting!

  10. Your turnovers look amazing and I know what you mean about mowing the lawn. I’ve only mowed the grass once, but it is quite the sense of accomplishment! Last year I wielded the leaf blower several times and while my arms ached the next day, I was very proud.

  11. I’ve never mowed the lawn either (I actually wasn’t allowed when I was younger and now that I’m older it scares me a bit…) Congrats on such an accomplishment! The turnovers with ginger sound great!

  12. You crack me up. You mowed the lawn. So awesome!

    Your turnovers reminds me of the fruit pies that are so bad for you at the grocery stores. They are like 5 pies for $1. So deadly but so good. 🙂

    Simply gorgeous turnovers, my friend. I love how it oozes on the sides.

  13. I have mowed the lawn more times than I would like to remember. Not my favorite activity. I would much rather be eating these turnovers. Love the berries!

  14. Yay for lawnmowing! (I did it growing up – 3 hrs on a riding lawnmower – we sorta had a big lawn…) And double yay for those turnovers – I LOVE ginger, so they sound delicious!

  15. Mowing the lawn is fun the first time- but it gets a little old after a few weeks! Making turnovers is much more fun! Although I’m not one to talk because I need to mow my lawn and didn’t make this weeks recipe!

  16. I think they look good and I love how some of your berry filling seeped out and caramelized. I bet the edges were the best part.

    Kudos are mowing your lawn. LOL! I’ve never mown a lawn either.

  17. I would rather eat a turnover that looks like it was made with love at home any day, and these look amazing. Back when I used to mow my own lawn, I found it very satisfying in a self sufficient sort of way. Now I pay someone to do it, and that’s pretty satisfying, too!

  18. Alright, so I’m not the only one who hadn’t mowed a lawn before (actually, I still never have)! And actually, I think your turnovers look gorgeous. The excess filling just gives us a peek at the deliciousness inside.

  19. Those look fantastic, and the flavor combination sounds divine. I am also a lawn-mower-phobe, but if I ever have to do it, I’ll remember your courage! You did a great job on both the lawn and the turnovers.

  20. Yum–that sounds like a great flavor combination. I bet the cardamom would have been good, too. Lawn mowing isn’t my favorite activity either, but there is a certain amount of satisfaction in getting it done. Plus it helps that I have a really small front yard. =)

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