Ice Cream Flavor of the Week: Dexter’s Chocolate Pudding Ice Cream

Black & White Chocolate Cake for Bobbie

This ice cream was inspired by the first episode of season 3 of Showtime’s Dexter. If you watch the show, you know that chocolate pudding played a big role in this episode. (At least from my perspective, my husband didn’t even remember it).

I had left-over chocolate pudding  from a layer-cake I made for my secretary’s birthday and swirled it into a non-custard based chocolate ice cream. In retrospect I probably should have used a vanilla ice cream as you could barely see the chocolate pudding and it was way toooo chocolatey for my taste.

3 thoughts on “Ice Cream Flavor of the Week: Dexter’s Chocolate Pudding Ice Cream

  1. Oh my God – love it! Love the idea, love the connection to my fave show… love the fact that you actually connected all of this into a creative dessert-making endeavor. You are too cool. 🙂

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