{twd} Coconut-Roasted Pineapple Dacquoise

An added bonus to my baking/cooking education as a member of {too?} many online baking groups,  I’m also learning how to spell international words. This week I learned how to spell casatiello (Italian!), tartufo (Italian, again!), and today’s word: dacquoise (French!).  The hands-down funnest word I’ve learned to spell is christopsomos (Greek!).That one is also fun to pronounce.  Too bad there really isn’t a practical use for learning these new words; I can’t use most {all?} of them when I travel.

This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe selection was the tropical Coconut-Roasted Pineapple Dacquoise. I decided to make a quarter of the recipe because of the other baking I had going on this weekend. This involved me figuring out fractions at 5 in the morning. Early morning is never a good to time to try to remember how to divide fractions.  Why 5 am? I was awake and I knew the meringue base of the dacquoise would take 3 hours to bake.  3 hours? Yes, 3 hours. As is typical of baking meringues, the 3 merinque layers baked at a low temperature (225° F) for 3 hours.

The coconut-almond meringue layers  are coated with a white chocolate-whipped cream ganache  and topped with roasted pineapple.  Once assembled, toasted coconut is pressed into the sides of the dacquoise and then the whole thing needs to sit in the refrigerator for preferably 6 hours.

Although Diego was not around to bake this with me, when he saw it in the refrigerator he insisted we try it. I’m glad we did. It is light and crispy, perfectly tropical and not too sweet. I packed up the rest for work, where everyone enjoyed it.  You have to understand my work dynamics. I’ve brought in so many treats and goodies that co-workers have stopped complimenting me about them. I just watch the baked goods disappear throughout the day. When something is outrageously good, they say something to me. They couldn’t stop talking about the dacquoise.

Thank you to Andrea of Andrea in the Kitchen for selecting this week’s pick as we bake our way through Dorie Greenspan’s Baking…From My Home to Yours. If you would like the recipe, please buy the book or visit Andrea’s blog. (I just noticed that Andrea posted the recipe with weight measurements too! So if you want to decrease the recipe, no need to divide fractions. Cool!)

48 thoughts on “{twd} Coconut-Roasted Pineapple Dacquoise

  1. I love learning all the new words too – it’s fun. I was worried my co-workers would find this weird and not touch it with a barge-pole – but it had the same effect on them as it did on your co-workers – amazing! I am impressed by your being awake at 5am – this morning, I slept in til 7am on a “school day” and had to hop it to leave the house in time to catch my bus.

  2. It looks beautiful! I couldn’t decide whether to make this or not – meringue just isn’t my thing. I decided against it, finally, and made a pineapple upside-down cake. However, seeing your dacquoise – it really is a fun word – makes me wish I’d tried it… I’ll have to do a rewind…

  3. I know the feeling of no longer getting compliments at work. Everyone just takes a piece of whatever and runs. All that is left is the crumbs.

  4. I bet you’re everybody’s favorite colleague! They probably look forward to Tuesdays with Dorie as much as we do. Great photo — your coconut looks so fresh.

  5. I think a lot of those foreign cooking/baking terms do have a practical use in Scrabble. You’d rack up those triple word points with “Christopsomos.” Your dacquoise looks incredible. Glad it was so great that your CWs even complimented you on it! Why didn’t I make this again? I’m really regretting it now.

  6. Your dacquoise looks beautifully elegant and very delicious! I made a smaller size, too, and it was a good choice as it was not so overwhelming thinking “Who is going to eat all this?” Although we loved it, a little goes a long way b/c it is so sweet that it satisfies quickly. It was fun to make this and have your input along the way…thanks.

  7. You woke up at 5AM to bake?

    Get your own bakery already, woman! Sheesh! 😉

    You are too too awesome. I loved the fact that you made this and not surprising . . . it looks fantastic!

  8. Of course you managed to pull this one off. I should have known…

    You sound like you’re in a good place. I’ve been thinking about you a lot recently, hoping you’re doing well.

  9. Beautiful! I had a minor disaster with mine and plan to try this one again, but even with the problem I still thought it was delicious.

  10. This looks perfect! I must work in a bigger office, because there were a lot of disappointed people with not getting any, and I made the whole recipe.

  11. It looks so beautiful! I think Diego is going to get used to all of your delicious creations – he doesn’t sound like a picky eater.

  12. This is one I need to get up the nerve and energy to make myself. Great job on yours!

    Btw, I don’t even try to do more than cut a recipe in half. For me it’s asking for trouble which I find enough of on my own!

  13. I think if I relied on my 5 am math, I’d end up with a seriously flawed dessert! But yours turned out perfectly, and how cool that your sweets-jaded CWs were awed by this one. It’s definitely not run-of-the-mill!

  14. Wendy, your dacquoise looks awesome! I made 1/4 of the recipe too (as you know) and I’m seriously bummed it’s all gone. I would love to be snacking on it right now. Funny you mention that people at work don’t compliment you unless something is extraordinary. Same thing seems to have happened with both my husband’s and my mother’s coworkers!

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