{twd} all in one holiday bundt cake


Today I am in Suva, Fiji. I made the All In One Holiday Bundt Cake before I left on vacation. As it’s name implies, it has all the flavors of the holidays mixed in one cake–pumpkin, spices, cranberries, pecans. I liked it, but would probably increase the spices next time. I glazed half of it for sharing and left the other half unglazed for freezing.

Thank you to Britin of The Nitty Britty for hosting this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie. For the recipe, visit her blog or buy the book.

20 thoughts on “{twd} all in one holiday bundt cake

  1. Wow, Fiji. Sounds so tropical and exciting. Your cake is fabulously beautiful – especially the glazed side! I opted not to glaze mine, but we loved this cake! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Beautiful, good idea saving half! I actually made this three weeks ago and did a rewind this week (can’t do the Chestnut Cake right now). However, the first time I made this cake it stuck in my pan. I bought a new pan and made it again last night, perfection!

  3. Great looking bundt Wendy! Nice idea to only glaze half so you could freeze the rest. Hope you’re enjoying Fiji 🙂 Take lots of pics so we can all live vicariously!

  4. Methinks you’re going to start a new trend in frosting cakes. I thought about freezing part of mine, but it disappeared before I could decide.

    Hope your vacation is going well.

  5. LOL, that looks like some of my baked goodies as I never know when one of my three (usually my youngest) will decide they don’t like glaze or nuts! This dislike generally last for one day and then its over to pop its head who knows when!

    From the sounds of your previous posts sounds like you’re having a grand time!

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