{twd} Tiramisù Delizioso


Happy Cinco de Mayo! In honor of today, I bring you the classic Mexican, er yeah, Italian dessert–Tiramisù. Traditionally, tiramisù is made with lady fingers dipped in espresso and layered with a whipped mixture of mascarpone, egg yolks, and sugar.

This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie selection is a Tiramisù Cake.  Instead of lady fingers, Dorie Greenspan‘s version uses a layer cake approach.  Tiramisù means  “pick me up” in Italian and I definitely needed a yummy jolt this week. Work has been crazy. I’ve been working almost every day and some days I’ve been working 12 hours. I’ve had to come in early, 7 am (oh my–I normally start work at 9 am).  Things seem to have calmed down and I had my first day off in 2 weeks on Sunday.


Let’s just say, I’ve been drinking lots and lots of coffee this week. And I’ve just discovered the joy that is coffee with a shot of espresso. That’s my new morning drink.  I don’t know what took me so long to discover it.

Anyways, back to the cake. The cake layers are soaked with  espresso syrup, then layered with a mascarpone-whipped cream filling. The filling is topped with chopped chocolate–I used Green & Black’s Espresso Chocolate Bar (Up the espresso flavor! I love coffee and all it’s forms)–and then the second espresso soaked layer is placed on top of the filling.


The rest of the mascarpone-whipped cream filling is mixed with left over espresso extract and spread over the cake. I topped the cake with chocolate covered coffee beans (yay! more coffee flavor) and sprinkled it with Essential Cane’s Espresso Sugar (you get the theme?).

I’m so glad I made the full cake because this is now my #1 TWD recipe (sorry, Coconut Butter Thins you had your moment).

Oh, and because you must know me by now–I made Tiramisù Ice Cream. The recipe comes from David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop. It uses mascarpone, half & half, Kahlúa, rum, and a mocha ripple. It’s very boozy, but I like things like that. Very, very delicious. Almost dangerously delicious. You can find the recipe HERE.

Tiramisu Ice Cream

Thank you to Megan of My Baking Adventures who chose this wonderfully delicious dessert as we bake our way through Baking…From My Home to Yours.  For the recipe, visit her blog (It’s one of my favorites!).


81 thoughts on “{twd} Tiramisù Delizioso

  1. Wasn’t this good! You got such a pretty color in your frosting too (I was too skimpy with the espresso syrup). And tiramisu ice cream! Ooooh. I used to find a tiramisu gelato at Trader Joe’s that was very good – thanks for reminding me about it. (I’m seriously bookmarking these ice cream posts, though…hmmm.)

  2. Well this all looks GLORIOUS. I absolutely adore everything I’ve made out of Lebovitz’s book, don’t you? I always know the result will come out delicious when I make something from it

  3. My word, not only do you have a delicious-tasting new favorite Dorie recipe, it’s absolutely stunning as well. Fantastic job on this one. Maybe I’d love tiramisu if I had some of your cake? Glad to hear things are calming a bit for you on the work front.

  4. wendy, your cake is darling. and that ice cream looks seductive beyond words.

    i’ve never tried the coffee +espresso myself, but it was popular with customers back when i did my stint as a barista…

    i hope you have some down time soon.

  5. What a gorgeous cake! Tiramisu is huge at our house and we can never get enough, but I have never thought to make a Tiramisu cake. Great idea! I’ll bet it is super yummy! And Tiramisu ice cream? Wow!

  6. Tiramisu ice cream? Are you kidding? I have that book but dang that recipe must have slipped by.

    I almost spit my coffee into the screen when I read that you like coffee with a shot of espresso….. after all, what goes better with coffee than more caffeine?

  7. Wow, that’s a lot of espresso flavored items. I ended up using slightly less coffee in mine, trying to please the palete’s of my teenagers, so I’m hoping to make this again for my book club. I’ll have to look for the green and black’s chocolate because I think that would be fabulous in this recipe.

  8. How do you fit in the time to make ice cream everyday with your work schedule? You are amazing. The cake looks wonderful and the ice cream, well it looks even better. Great job!

  9. What a crazy work schedule. I am amazed that you still find time to make everything that you do. The cake looks fabulous and the ice cream- yum!

  10. I don’t know which looks lovelier, the cake or the ice cream, so I will just say that both are fantastic…so elegant and beautiful. You really shone on this recipe…no wonder it’s the new fav!

  11. Great rendition!!! You know, actually some purists of the Italian cuisine actually claim the original version is with a sponge cake. Thin layers of it soaked in the espresso separated by the glorious mascarpone cream. It’s my favourite dessert anyway, regardless which route you go! Your photo looks lovely 🙂

  12. Great rendition!!! You know, actually some purists of the Italian cuisine actually claim the original version is with a sponge cake. Thin layers of it soaked in the espresso separated by the glorious mascarpone cream. It’s my favourite dessert anyway, regardless which route you go! Your photo looks lovely 🙂
    Oh, I’m adding you to my bloglist, I really love your work here 🙂

  13. as far as I’m concerned you are the “go to girl ” for ice cream recipes. I know where you are…..:-).
    Your cake and ice cream look delicious and so pretty. Awesome!!

  14. You always know how to conquer TWD’s recipes. I love your cake and that ice cream . . . I am speechless. I just want to eat now. 😉


  15. You never cease to impress me Wendy! Your cake is impeccably decorated AND you made ice cream! Glad you liked it so much. I enjoyed it too.

  16. Hooray for coffee things and boozy things! Your #1 TWD dessert? You can bet I’ll be doing a rewind now! It all looks completely amazing. You must not sleep.

  17. Really beautiful cake and the ice cream looks out of this world! I have eyed the Essential flavored sugars in the store, but have yet to break down and buy any. Sounds like a perfect topping for this cake.

  18. Wow, how do you do it all with work so crazy to boot – I mean four strawberry shortcake variations, perfect tiramisu cake, great photos, etc. Wonder (Wendy) Woman you are.

  19. Your cake is beautiful! I love the beans 🙂
    The ice cream looks incredible – I’m definitely going to have to try that this summer!

  20. Yummy! I love how you used every possible coffee/espresso flavor in your cake. I think it looks amazing with the chocolate covered espresso beans on top (hopefully you sampled some of those while you were working on the cake!)

  21. All of the ways you used to get that espresso flavour into this cake sound fantastic. And the cake itself looks gorgeous, especially because of the chocolate covered coffee beans on top.

  22. Cool instead of getting your caffeine fix via a cup of coffee you got to eat cake!

    LOL, not at all surprised about the ice cream! Loved the photo!

  23. Gorgeous cake – it is a dream come true for us coffee lovers/addicts. And I think the ice cream must be even better than the cake! I like how you accented “tiramisu” properly – not even sure how I’d do that on my keyboard!

  24. First of all, I LOVE THE ICE CREAM. We have this place in Boston that makes cake batter ice cream, and I swear, it was exactly Dorie’s recipe.

    Second, I just love this. Gorgeous. Totally gorgeous. this is food porn at its best.

  25. As if I need another way to love Tiramisu….ice cream, too? Great job on the cake. I especially love the pretty espresso sugar. And I WILL be making myself some tiramisu ice cream. Thanks for sharing!

  26. YUM! Everything looks so delicious. I love all the ice cream flavours on here!

    BTW, “delicioso” is spelled with a “c”, but it is pronounced like an “s” in Spanish.

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