Wispa Brownies

Paul introduced me to Wispa chocolate bars. He goes crazy for them. His whole family goes crazy for them. When relatives visit from England they bring bags of Wispas and other English chocolate treats. I think it’s a requirement for allowing them to visit. When Cadbury, the maker of Wispas, discontinued the brand in 2003 there was a massive uproar in the UK which spawned a successful internet campaign to bring the bar back.

It used to be tricky to find Wispas in the States, hence the hoarding by Paul and his family. Now you can find Wispas at any World Market or gourmet grocery. Because of this, Paul subtly (not) suggests  baking with his favorite candy bar. I successfully baked Wispa Chip Cookies–Alton Brown’s The Chewy subbing chopped up Wispas for the chocolate chips. Unfortunately this was done before I returned to blogging and I can’t share the results with you. I can, however, share these glorious Wispa Brownies.

I made the Classic Brownie recipe from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking…From My Home to Yours subbing the chopped up Wispas for walnuts. I think the next time I make these brownies I will leave the bars whole or use 4 bars instead of THE LAST TWO BARS in the house. The chopped up Wispas got a little lost in the brownie goodness.

Anne Strawberry hosted the recipe when the Tuesdays with Dorie Bakers blogged about Classic Brownies in September of 2011. You can find the recipe HERE.

Photo by Paulrus

4 thoughts on “Wispa Brownies

  1. Those brownies looks so delicious. They are definitely a weakness of mine! I have never heard of Wispa bars before so thanks for making me a little smarter. 🙂

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