magazine recipes


I have a problem. I’m sure many of you have the same problem. Anytime I see a recipe I like in a magazine I rip it out and add it to the pile. I like a lot of recipes.
I’m slowly ending subscriptions to magazines and I don’t buy magazines at the store anymore so my pile of recipes isn’t growing as fast as it did in the past.
My pile currently resides in the library closet. By library I mean our spare room with piles of books, bags of old clothes that need to be donated, and junk that has no other home. Nothing as fancy as shelves.

How do you organize your magazine recipes? In the past I tried organizing by type. Now I think I’m going to try organization by month of publication. That way when it’s February 2014, I can look at my February pile and pick a seasonally appropriate recipe. I don’t know. I probably should just throw them all away. Until I do, I’m challenging myself to make two magazine recipes a month.