Crumpets! It’s almost impossible to say crumpets without an exclamation mark when you’ve made your own at home. Even Paul labeled the folder with pictures from this session as Crumpets!.

The word crumpet is used as a slightly derogatory slang word in England, similar to tart. However, there is nothing derogatory about the grilled bread treat. Especially when it’s slathered in butter and jam.

Homemade crumpets couldn’t be easier and are made entirely on the griddle unlike English muffins which are started on the stove and end up in the oven.

You simply mix up the ingredients, let the batter rest for an hour, and then scoop it onto the griddle to cook. The King Arthur Flour blog has great step by step instructions with pictures. Within minutes you’ll have ready-to-eat crumpets to top any way you please.

Have you had the chance to try Biscoff Spread yet? Thanks to my bookclub friends who have been raving about it for months, I finally brokedown and bought some. We tried it for the first time decadently spread on our freshly made crumpets. And, oh my, I’m venturing to say it’s better than Nutella.

I’ll have a bit of this crumpet. 😉

Crumpets! Recipe

Photos by Paulrus

7 thoughts on “Crumpets!

  1. Your crumpets look great and I’m glad they were such a hit over there! I made English muffins this weekend and I’m not sure what the difference is (the Dan Lepard English muffin recipe I used was griddle-only as is the Momofuku recipe – but you don’t split a crumpet, right?) Also you have to hand it to the bookgroup friends for pointing you to a good thing!

  2. I’ve only had crumpets from the grocery store, and those were just OK. I’m sure the homemade version is delicious. So far, I’ve avoided the Biscoff spread, mostly because I know it will end up being a nightly treat on a graham cracker.

  3. Crumpet, crumpet, crumpet – it really is such a fun word! I’ve actually never had them, but I’m pretty sure I’d be a fan, especially if you topped mine with Biscoff spread 🙂

  4. I’ve never had a crumpet or Biscoff…apparently, I am way behind in trends and should be moving in the direction to correct this. Your crumpets are really lovely, and it sounds so charming to just say you are making and eating crumpets, doesn’t it? On my list.

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