{sms} Double Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies

This week, the pick for Sweet Melissa Sundays was cookies. More specifically, Double Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies and because the chocolate is doubled the taste is quadrupled. That’s how food math works, right? And then when you add in the dried sour cherries the flavor inches closer to bliss like a mathematical curve heading towards infinity.

I served the cookies with David Lebovitz’s Milk Chocolate Ice Cream from The Perfect Scoop. David suggests adding cacao nibs or chocolate chips to the ice cream. I took it one-step further and added Scharffen Berger Chocolate-Covered Cacao Nibs.

The food math is now beyond what my brain and tastebuds can handle. By itself, the ice cream is wonderfully creamy. The cacao nibs add a crunchy texture and a bittersweet counterpoint to the sweetness of the milk chocolate. Perfect.

Thank you to Megan of My Baking Adventures, who is probably roasting in Las Vegas today. Hopefully she served the cookies with ice cream too. If you would like the recipe, please visit Megan’s blog or buy the book: The Sweet Melissa Baking Book.

42 thoughts on “{sms} Double Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies

  1. The ice cream seems like a perfect addition to the cookies!

    Now that you mentioned Scharffen Berger; it made me so sad that they left their Berkeley factory. I went on the tour once, and it was amazing getting to learn about chocolate and the free samples, of course =].

  2. Wow!! The cookies and the ice cream sound and look really delicious…. you’ve convinced me to make those cookies, and I’m leaning towards getting an ice cream maker and starting that, too!!
    Peace, Stephanie

  3. I love the contrast of the light chocolate of the ice cream with the dark chocolate of the cookies – wish I could taste and confirm the perfection, but I’ll take your word for it! Will be on the lookout for the choc-covered nibs…

  4. Oh, wow. That all looks so good. I’m going to have to look for the chocolate covered nibs. I have the plain ones, but haven’t seen those. Looking at your pictures reminds me that I don’t have anything chocolate to snack on at the moment. Good thing I’m planning to make chocolate ice cream today. =)

  5. Yum! These cookies are dark your chocolate ice cream almost looks white next to it!!! I wish I had paired mine with ice cream, too! Of course there are a few left, so it’s not too late!

  6. Ooh, your cookies are so crinkly, I love it! And to be honest, I’m not a big fan of chocolate ice cream, but I might be able to cope if you sent some of that chocolate-covered cocoa nibs ice cream! Fantastic!

  7. That combination looks heavenly. I loved these cookies so much, looking at your pictures is making me ponder a trip to the freezer to get some more out.

  8. Your cookies look amazing Wendy, especially when combined with that gorgeous ice cream! I need to try DL’s milk chocolate ice cream. I made the traditional chocolate this weekend but it was a bit too rich for me. Great job!

  9. Your cookies look delicious, but it’s that ice cream that is really calling to me!!! I can’t believe I don’t have The Perfect Scoop yet, I don’t know why I keep procrastinating about buying it, but no more! This ice cream just convinced me to order it immediately.

  10. Doing some calculus… these cookie’s limit tends toward infinite perfection! Oh gosh, this is geeky!
    Great job, I love dark chocolate and sour cherries, they bring the best out of each other.

  11. Wow your cookies look great, I hope mine turn out like that – the dough is chillin. Sorry I have been MIA, I have been so busy, but it has made me feel so bad not to have time to comment. Hope all is well (better) with you. Cheers.

  12. Hi Wendy!

    Holy cannoli, what a combination- a chocoholic’s dream! Your tower of cookies looks beautiful. I love the crackled texture they have. I’m so glad you enjoyed them- my tasters (I mean family!) did too.

    I’d love for you to drop by my site if you have a chance, to check out my cookies as well! Hope to talk to you again after the next SMS postings. Have a wonderful week!


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