43 thoughts on “life happens

  1. I hope everything is okay. We’ll miss you but don’t feel bad about the break, everyone needs one occasionally.

  2. Last night as I was making dinner, I actually caught myself saying out loud “Well she can just drop dead.”

    So if you need to vent, know that your readers will hear you out and champion your effort.

    Good luck dealing.

  3. Hang in there… hope everything is OK! Life can be so tough, but it makes the sweet so much sweeter. It will turn around… 🙂 Sending good thoughts.

  4. oh, wendy, i’m thinking of you and hoping that everything will be well soon. take care, and know that you’re supported and missed out here in the blogosphere:)

  5. I’ve missed you and your posts! I hope everything is okay and stuff gets back to normal for you soon. Lots of positive thoughts coming your way.

  6. Know what? Sometimes you just need to take a break from the all consuming internet world. I truly hope you’re rewarded for your time away and all goes smoothly for you. You are such an inspiration here and so I’m sure you are in your personal life as well. Take care.

  7. How are you doing in your vacation from the internet? We truly miss you and your witty blogging. It’s just not the same with out your presence so maybe you could say “hello” and let us,your friends, hear your “voice”.

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