{sms} brownies!

Brownies! Who doesn’t love brownies? This week’s Sweet Melissa Sundays recipe selection was a classic brownie recipe. I made this particular recipe a while back for a filling of an absolutely awesome cake.

This time around I made them as part of a brownie platter for a mid-summer pool party. Still delicious. Still worth it.
No nuts this time. And still doing everything via iPhone.


7 thoughts on “{sms} brownies!

  1. Your brownies look great, Wendy. I wish I took mine out of the oven sooner because they were a bit dry. Your iPhone photos look better than mine do…maybe I need to take an iPhone photography class. I bet there’s an app for that…

  2. Sorry I haven’t been by in forever! Life has gotten crazy! Love the brownies! Are you doing Blogher Food? I sure hope so. Miss you! I hope all is well!

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