{sms} Fallen Chocolate Soufflé Cake

Let’s celebrate! I finally completed all my requirements; I’m now a PADI-certified Open Water. I went on two beach dives this weekend, which are a bit harder than boat dives because you have to deal with waves and time your entrance and exit. Other than that, the dive conditions were perfec: Great visibility, the water was WARM, low surge, and lots of sea creatures. I held the largest lobster I’ve ever saw. I also octopi, sea slugs, more lobster, and lots of fishies.

This week’s Sweet Melissa SundayFallen Chocolate Soufflé Cake–recipe took a very literal turn for me. I dropped it. Hence, the broken edges you see. Luckily, it was salvgable and edible. I quartered the recipe and baked it in my mother’s mini-corning ware pan. As you can see, even in a wrong pan it rose beautifully.

My Dad has been talking about soufflés for awhile–why? I don’t know. It think he watched a cooking show–so I gave it to him topped with Dorie Greenspan’s Vanilla Ice Cream and fresh berries. He loved it. He thought it was very light and delicious.

Thank you to Sarah of Blue Ridge Baker for selecting a great recipe this week. For the recipe, visit her blog or buy the book.

Oh, and Sweet Melissa Sunday’s was mentioned in an article in this week’s Washington Post Food Section. You can find the article HERE.

35 thoughts on “{sms} Fallen Chocolate Soufflé Cake

  1. Congratulations on your dives and certifications, seeing all of those sea creatures sounds amazing, someday I will have to learn how to dive 🙂 Your soufflé cake looks adorable, what a cute little corningware dish! I’m glad your dad liked it.

  2. Your cake looks beautiful! I’m so glad your dad enjoyed it, it wasn’t a favorite for me, unfortunately. Congrats on your diving certification, sounds like so much fun!

  3. Congratulations on your certification! I think it’s so cool! I’ve always sort of wanted to learn to scuba dive but I’m also a bit intimidated by it.

    Your souffle looks terrific! Love all the fresh berries on top. Glad your dad was a fan 🙂

  4. Congrats on your certification!

    I’m glad the you were able to save the cake after you dropped it! I do things like that all the time (I’ve broken several “unbreakable” dishes). It looks delicious!

  5. Congrats on your certification! I’m sure there are all kinds of amazing things to see under water. The souffle cake look delicious especially with the ice cream and berries!

  6. congrats on the souffle (it looks better having been dropped, in my opinion! yum..I’ll definitely give this recipe another go), the dive certification AND the newspaper write-up!! what a busy week.. haha, what have you got planned for next week!?

  7. Ohhh, filled with fresh fruit, ice cream or whipped cream, these souffles look like the fell right out of heaven! Delicious!
    And congrats on the certification!

  8. My brother was a certified PADI rescue diver – and I know how much work it takes to reach that point – so extra congratulations to you!

    What better way to celebrate than with a souffle?

  9. You could call it “twice fallen souffle cake” and start a new trend! Or “fallen and dropped souffle cake”! Well, anything you call it, that is one amazing souffle you’ve got there. Great oven cap shot, btw.

  10. Hey! If anyone asks… be creative and say it’s a chocolate pavlova! …I’m sure it was delicisous just the same!

    Who need puffiness anyways, when you can get certified! LOL Congrats on the certification!!!

  11. Its beautiful Wendy. Me thinks your Daddy knows what’s good. he will miss all your sweet treats, hot bread and deliciously healthful meals. Hope life is restored soon, and smiles at you.

  12. That’s the worst! I dropped a risen loaf of bread dough once but unfortunately my beagle is quicker than I am so it was not salvageable!

    Congrats on your certification.

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