Fig & Feta Focaccia

A quick post to show the other type of focaccia I made this week for The Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge.  I made a pizza version of this a couple week’s ago (and did not blog about it! Took picture to Tweet my lunch, though) and it was so delicious I knew I would make it when focaccia came up in the rotation.

Fig & Feta Pizza

Fig & Feta Pizza

It’s just plain foccacia with sliced figs, crumbled feta, chopped rosemary, and lots of extra-virgin olive oil.


22 thoughts on “Fig & Feta Focaccia

  1. Oh those both look so delicious! I’ve had fig and plain goat cheese but not fig and feta, sounds like a lovely combination, beautiful job on both 🙂

  2. Oh wow, the combo of sweet and salty is classic and awesome, and feta wih figs baked into a foccaccia is a great twist on that! I would love a nice square slice or ten of that! Mouth watering!

  3. I would never think to put this combination together by myself…it looks absolutely wonderful and delicious and I am so happy I know you so that you can inspire me with each recipe and encourage me to branch out in my selections. Very nice.

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