Anniversary Ciabatta

Recipe #250

Today is our 6-year wedding anniversary. As I was preparing this post I realized that ciabatta, or bread in general, is a good metaphor for marriage. Bread is a perfect union of ingredients that come together and create something  better than the individual components. Flour, yeast, salt, and water (and in this case a little bit of olive oil) come together and form bread. Not only that, but to create tasty bread with every bit of flavor coaxed out of those simple ingredients you need lots of patience and work. In bread-making, the patience comes in the form of allowing adequate fermentation time and once the dough is formed, allowing time for it to relax. The work is obviously the kneading, but also measuring and weighing the ingredients and creating your mise en place.

I’ve been making Caprese sandwiches, caprese salads all summer long. Looking at the picture above, I’m thinking that perfect union of basil, tomato, and fresh mozzarella is another good metaphor for marriage… 😛

Happy Anniversary, Honey! I love you.


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