{twd v2.0} rugelach

Rugelach: a delicious cookie best enjoyed with tea or coffee and baked every few years or so for online baking groups.

The only other time I’ve baked rugelach was for the original Tuesdays with Dorie in November of 2008. In blogging years, that was eons ago. Dinosaurs may have been roaming. My baking skills were nascent and my blog was barely 2 months old. As a marker of my progress, the TWD v1.0 rugelach was recipe #293 and the TWD v2.0 rugelach was recipe #1044. Yes, I still count all new recipes I try and list them in my Cooking Odyssey journal. They were a success back then and they were a success once again.

This time around, as written in Baking with Juliathe recipe makes a huskier rugelach.  Loaded with nuts {I used macadamia, cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts} and fruit {dates, apricots, raisins, crystallized ginger} and bursting with flavor they don’t make the prettiest cookie. What they lack in looks, they certainly don’t lack in taste.

Thank you to both Margaret of The Urban Hiker and Jessica of My Baking Heart for hosting this week’s recipe as we bake our way through Dorie Greenspan’s Baking with Julia in the second incarnation of Tuesdays with Dorie. You can find the recipe HERE.

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{TWD} Rugelach

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Recipe #293

In July, I went blueberry (and cherry and raspberry) picking with my mom and my aunt at Hick’s Orchard in upstate New York in the Adirondacks. It’s near Lake George, so if you are ever in the area check it out.

It was tons of fun and would definitely do it again. We made blueberry scones, mixed berry cobbler, a cherry pie, and lots of blueberry jam. Looking at these pictures is making me miss summer. And it’s only just gotten *relatively* cold here in Southern California. I’m a summer-girl through and through.

My aunt and my mom.

My aunt and my mom.

So, why am I writing about blueberries in November?

This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe was Rugelach, chosen by Piggy of Piggy’s Cooking Journal.
You can go to her blog to check out Dorie’s recipe.

I’ve never made rugelach before. The dough is fairly simple–just flour, cream cheese, and butter. The filling is basic–jam, chocolate, currants, a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar. It should have been easy, in retrospect maybe it was but I just didn’t realize it.

I followed the recipe for the dough, made it the night before and stuck it in the refrigerator. For the filling, I used my homemade blueberry jam (yup that’s right) instead of the apricot or raspberry that was suggested. I also used Trader Joe’s orange-flavored dried cranberries instead of currents, almonds instead of walnuts or pecans, and milk chocolate instead of bittersweet.

Assembling these things is the point where it got sticky {literally}. I think there is a window of opportunity for rolling out the dough when it is not too cold, but not too warm. I missed it. The dough got sticky real fast. I used more than a light sprinkle of flour to make it not stick. My uncooked rugelach looked fugly, even after I brushed on an egg wash and sprinkled the cookies with sugar. On top of that, I wasn’t impressed with the little tastes of raw dough.

Fugly rugelach

Fugly rugelach

Somehow my oven worked its magic and the cookies came out looking gorgeous. Not only that, the rugelach taste great. The flavors of the dough, jam, sugar, chocolate all melded together. Even P, my picky husband [ex-husband since 2009], loved these. He calls them “arugulas”. 😛

Oven magic

Oven magic