Our wedding is in 10 days and I have good news on the knee front. X-ray shows I’m on track and am perfectly healing. I’m cleared for physical therapy to work on improving my strength and  range of motion (ROM). I’m at 70º right now and 135º or so is normal. Now I just need to practice walking down the aisle.

The amount of television I’ve watched in the last few weeks rivals the amount I’ve watched my whole life prior to my injury. I’m exaggerating a tiny bit. Just a bit. Streaming Netflix has been a lifesaver while I’ve been stuck at home. TV Shows I’ve watched their complete available libraries include: United States of Tara, Raising Hope, The League, Better of Ted, Parks & Recreation, The Killing, Damages, Downtown Abbey, Portlandia, Cake Boss. I’m currently watching: Bones, Samantha Who, Sports Night, White Collar, How I Met Your Mother, Lie to me. See? Lots of TV.

What does all this have to do with cupcakes? Well. While watching Cake Boss, I decided I need to give this decorating thing a try. I’m what you call a rustic decorating. A sprinkle of powdered sugar does wonders. I decided to start small. Cupcake small. I ordered a couple of cupcake books from Amazon (not really able to go to bookstores now).

One of those cookbooks is Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes and these cupcakes are the first recipe in the book: Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Frosting. Yum. As you can see, not a lot of fancy decorating here. I’m starting slow. You can find the recipe for the cupcake base HERE and for the dark chocolate frosting HERE.


17 thoughts on “Cupcakes!

  1. I love Netflix streaming! It’s saved me so many times. In the last year I’ve watched all 4 newer Star Trek series, Lost, Drop Dead Diva, Downton Abbey and a whole mess of period dramas and minseries. I’m so glad to hear that you’re on track for your wedding! And those cupcakes look delish!

  2. Hooray for healing!! White Collar is one of our favorites, hope you’re enjoying it 🙂

    These cupcakes look fantastic! The frosting is so shiny and perfect.

  3. I too declared myself a rustic baker so I wouldn´t have to decorate too much. Glad your knee is in shape for your wedding!

  4. Wow – it is crunch time for you. How exciting and nerve-wracking!
    Glad to hear your knee is on the mend and that you are back to making beautiful sweets to eat 🙂

  5. Cupcakes…who doesn’t love cupcakes!? I’m a fan of cupcakes for sure. I prefer to be a rustic decorator too…who eats fondant anyway? 10 days will be here before you know it. Best to you on your wonderful day.


  6. These look so delicious! Netflix is almost the best thing ever we use it A LOT. We also love Amazon Instant Video! It’s nice if we are looking for something specific that isn’t on Netflix. Glad to hear you are healing and all that resting and video watching is doing what it’s supposed to. 🙂

  7. I’m so glad you’re on track for your wedding! And I, too, am addicted to Netflix streaming. I can’t even tell you how many series I’ve watched while on the treadmill, it’s fantastic.

    That cupcake looks delicious, and now I’m off to puruse some Martha Stewart cookbooks 😀

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