Biscoff Sandwich Cookies

Is this another recipe that’s going to break my heart?

What?! What do you mean?

Further conversation ensues and Paul elucidates his love of my baking and that he gets a little sad when I bake an outrageously tasty treat knowing that I most likely will never bake it again. Through the years (I’ve only been baking since 2008), there is an elite group of recipes I’ve made multiple times.

Homemade Biscoff Cookies with Biscoff Cream Cheese Filling most definitely meet the criteria for entry into this group.

I saw the recipe on pinterest and I immediately knew I would make them as Biscoff Spread has replaced Nutella as the top choice for toast, apples, sandwiches, spoons, crumpets…you get the picture. This was another recipe I baked and then stuck in the freezer pre-patellar fracture.

The recipe comes from Creative Culinary and you can find the recipe HERE. I plan on making these again and again. Once I’m allowed to bake again. 😉

And this is what happens when Paul is left alone while taking pictures for you:

photos by paulrus

14 thoughts on “Biscoff Sandwich Cookies

  1. It seems reasonable that he would get a bite for taking the photos. Like payment maybe. They look perfect and delicious. I am going to have to try the Biscoff stuff, never tried it, but it sounds like I might like it.

  2. I am glad to find that I am not alone in my Biscoff odyssey. The spread did not replace Nutella for me because Nutella has never done it for me, however, with Biscoff I now get what it must be like for some of those Nutella addicts…pretty addictive stuff. I’m glad you AND Paul enjoyed the cookies!

  3. LOL! My dad does the same thing — only he tries to break off a teeny nibble and ends up making a bigger mess than that one bite would be. Dudley knows better than that — he could lose a finger if he tried. And, oh, the plight of loving someone who’s addicted to recipes and such, doncha know? It’s not that we wouldn’t make them again, it’s just that there’s always something new and exciting to try right around the bend. These cookies look just lovely. I haven’t gotten into the Biscoff craze yet, but when I do this will be the first thing I try.

  4. Oh those look good! I almost made some sandwich cookies that were slice and bake, but I knew they wouldn’t all be the same size and shape. Cutting them with a cookie cutter sounds like the way to go.

  5. Haha, Shane can so relate to Paul’s disappointment over finding a great recipe only to never have it baked for him again. I definitely want to try these, Biscoff is my new favorite spread too!

  6. I have a jar of the spread in my pantry, but I keep forgetting that it’s there. That may be sort of on purpose, since if I remembered it more often, I’d just be eating it with a spoon. =) I have a package of the cookies, too, that I need to do something with…

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