{TWDv2.0} chocolate truffle tart bites

A chocolate bite of heaven or chocolate air cake on a crunchy circle of chocolate dough with chunks of milk and white chocolates and biscotti bits is how we described this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie v2.0 recipe. Yes, with four uses of chocolate in the first sentence you know it’s going to be good.

Instead of making six 6″ mini Chocolate Truffle Tarts as directed, I went smaller and used my mini-cheesecake pan. The light-as-air filling was a perfect contrast to crunch of the crust and the chunks of chocolate and biscotti. Almost a brownie, but not quite, the tarts deserve their own category.

Thanks to  Steph of A Whisk and A SpoonSpike of Spike BakesJaime of Good Eats Blog and Jessica of Cookbook Habit for hosting this week. You can find the recipe on any of their blogs or in the book, Baking with Julia page 382.

Photo by Paulrus

53 thoughts on “{TWDv2.0} chocolate truffle tart bites

  1. Your mini cheesecake pans made them beautiful! These were just delicious. . even loved the crumbs that fell on my plate. Of course, anything chocolate is good for me.

  2. Oh I love the mini cheesecake pans instead of the rings!!! They look perfect size…even though I love chocolate the tart was just too much and we ended up sharing. This would have been a perfect solution…great idea! 😉

  3. Your chocolate truffle bites are adorable! I have seen those mini-cheesecake pans, but I thought that I wouldn’t use it much, but after seeing these you have made me reconsider it.

  4. OMG love your little bites!! I totally should have done this same thing! they would be much easier to eat and I wouldn’t be committed to a super large slice of tart to finish – which I have yet to do…! It was SO rich!!

  5. What a cute way to display/make/create these. They look so charming like this. This is why we so missed your absence….you always have a way of making things cute, and I am all about the cute in food.

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