Hello? Is there anybody in there?

Where have I been? Since you’ve seen me last I’ve done a lot of running, some baking, and a little bit of travel. Last April 1st, like an anti-April Fool’s joke, the man of my dreams walked (or, actually,  it was more of a saunter) into my life. We sat around talking a bit and then he had to leave to go back to work. I asked my friend (his sister-in-law)  if he is single and she literally jumped up and down in excitement. In trying to sell him to me she mentioned, “You like to bake and he likes to eat baked goods!!” True. And that was that.  Long story short, Paul and I are now proud parents of Nani #17, a puppy we adopted from a labrador rescue, and we’re planning a casual backyard wedding in May.

I’ve missed blogging and I’ve missed being part of the baking community. I saw the celebrations when the awesome and dedicated Tuesdays with Dorie bakers posted the final recipe from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking…from My Home to Yours. I felt a twinge of sadness over dropping out of the challenge to bake every recipe in the book.

I will complete the challenge of using every recipe from the book. For my first recipe back to blogging, I chose Blueberry Brown Sugar Plain Cake. I had all the ingredients on hand. It’s a fairly simple recipe with an extra step of whipping egg whites and then folding them into the batter.

Cindy of Everyday Insanity hosted the recipe the week it debuted (June 7, 2011). You can find the recipe on her blog here: Blueberry Brown Sugar Plain Cake

Make it yourself. It’s super easy and quick. The combination of the brown sugar, blueberries, and the tiny bit of cinnamon indicates there’s nothing plain tasting about this cake.

photo by paulrus

11 thoughts on “Hello? Is there anybody in there?

  1. Hi Wendy! Welcome back to your blog; it’s always so fun to see what you cook and bake. I’m glad that Paul likes to eat baked goods because it’s important to have an outlet for the finished products that come from the oven. BTW I’m still baking from Dorie’s BFMHTY, catching up on all the recipes I missed before I joined the group. Any time you want to bake along, just let me know.

  2. Well, well, well…look who is back in the neighborhood!! You have been missed, no doubt about it, so I am very happy to see this post…and such a nice recipe, great photos, I wish I could pop those blueberries right off there and eat them now. Congrats on the new addition to the family, congrats your upcoming wedding, and congrats on blogging again….all of them my favorites. xo

  3. Awww – I know I speak for many of us when I say we have missed you dearly. So great to have you back. And congrats on finding the man of your dreams and your upcoming wedding. Looking forward to more of your delicious blog posts.

  4. Your comment on my blog made me remember that I saw you posted on FB and forgot to come over here and look. Happy to hear things are so well for you and that you’ve blogged again—hope it’s a new trend! Join TWD as we start Baking With Julia in a few weeks! It’s only going to be every other week.

  5. congrats on your news, wendy! i’m so happy for you! and i’m so happy you’re back to blogging. i too stopped baking, and missed the joy of completing the project. i may bake a few of the recipes i missed, too.

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