{sms} nectarine-raspberry tart

Writing on my iPhone is getting old. I still don’t have a computer and almost didn’t write this post. I decided to go ahead and write it because I tend to not write (even though I’ve baked) Sweet Melissa Sundays recipe selections.

This week the recipe was supposed to use peaches. I used nectarines because I’m lazy and didn’t want to peel peaches. I made a tart because, again, I was lazy and had tart dough in the freezer.

The end result was a delicious dessert for a pre-4th of July BBQ that was a big hit.
Oh, and Diego assisted again.


12 thoughts on “{sms} nectarine-raspberry tart

  1. Your tart looks more delicious than a pie would! And Diego is such a cutie that any post with him is a winner in my book. You’re doing great with your iPhone posts!

  2. Beautiful tart. I apologize because I am late getting my vanilla cake post up for last week’s TWD. It was a very good choice and we loved it. Thank you.

  3. Hi Wendy! Long time no see – but I’m back in the blogging world and although I see you on Facebook, it’s nice to see you again this way.

  4. Impressive! I don’t know how to post from my iphone. Yikes! A baby computer. Better than none I suspect. The tarts? Well, those are superb. I know if you made them they are delish! Looks like you were having fun.

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