Tahini and Sesame Seed Cookies

These cookies are tasty, easy, and a great way to use tahini for something other than hummus. They are very similar to flourless peanut butter cookies and they are Diego-approved.

The recipe comes from Whole Foods. I tend to download {free} apps for my iPhone when I’m bored and the Whole Foods recipe app is one of them. You can find the recipe HERE.

I’m leaving for Mexico today and will be back in March. Unlike last time  I went on vacation, I did not prepare posts ahead of time. So I will see you all when I get back!


13 thoughts on “Tahini and Sesame Seed Cookies

  1. these look good. I like sesame seeds and I hope you have fun in Mexico. I went last year and it was interesting and so warm. I love warm weather! Take care.

  2. I’m sure you had a fab time on your vacation. It’s so hard to write posts ahead before a trip; I’m so impressed that you did that last time. I leave tomorrow and the only post I wrote was my TWD one. Too much work otherwise!

  3. These look gorgeous – such a good idea to think of other ways to use up tahini. I’m actually thinking that maybe this fancy brand of peanut and flax seed butter I found might make great savoury biscuits too. Thanks for the inspiration!

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