{bba} mini-kaiser rolls

Yeah, I’ve been busy lately. Barely have time to bake, let alone take pictures. I’ve been relying on my iPhone’s camera a little too much. It seems to be the only way I’m getting pictures of my food (a very weird sentence to write). I seem to never be home during day light hours.

Anyway, the short of it is that these are my only pictures of my next entry in the Bread Baker’s Apprentice ChallengeKaiser Rolls. The only change I made is to make mini 1-ounce rolls instead of big giant sandwich rolls. I used them to make little sammiches for a party I hosted last month.

The sandwiches are super easy to make (well, other than making your own bread :P) and are always a big hit with guests. All you need is pesto, goat cheese, and a jar of roasted red peppers.

The rest of the spread included: mini-mac and cheese bites, pigs-in-blanket using homemade croissants, hummus with fried chickpeas, mushroom & fontina crostini, caramelized pear & blue cheese crostini, plus lots o’ desserts.

In other news, I got a new tattoo last night. 🙂

Peace Love Happiness


13 thoughts on “{bba} mini-kaiser rolls

  1. The tatoo looks interesting and the Kaiser rolls are just downright adorable! I cannot imagine how you tied all those little knots to come up with these little tiny buns! I bet your guests were thrilled.

  2. Dang – next time you have a party I simply have to come – all that great food? You must be the talk of the town!

    And I love the tattoo – very apropos!

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