Ten in 2010: Two Healthy, Vegan Salads

I stayed on track this week with my Ten in 2010 goals. I did my runs and yoga classes, I exercised 6/7 days, and ate 100% vegan AND healthy. I also lost a 1/3rd of my vacation and holiday weight gain.

The secret to eating healthy (and vegan) and maybe just life in general, is to plan ahead and always have food you can eat available.

This week to help me along I made two healthy, vegan salads. The recipes come from the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart. The first recipe is Couscous Confetti Salad. A colorful mix of whole-wheat couscous, chopped vegetables, and golden raisins.  The dressing is seasoned with curry powder to give a bit of a kick and the flavor combines well with the sweet raisins. This was a big hit, not just with me, but with my friends too.

The second recipe is a Hoppin’ John Salad. Made with black-eyed peas (the first time I’ve had them!), Hoppin’ John is a traditional New Year’s dish. This version was made with brown rice and served cold with a lemon-garlic dressing. This was a big hit too, but only with me. Because I didn’t share it. 😛

I also made a big pot of Cinnamon-Raisin Oatmeal for breakfast. When I didn’t have my oatmeal, I ate fruit with a non-dairy yogurt and 7-grain puffed cereal.

If you would like to join the the Ten in 2010 group, visit Lori at the RecipeGirl blog HERE.


11 thoughts on “Ten in 2010: Two Healthy, Vegan Salads

  1. This looks delicious and congratulations on your weight loss!

    Dave and I have been eating vegan more and more often–I think I am more motivated, but he’s coming along!
    It was fun to do Vegan Tuesdays with you last year and hopefully this year we’ll both keep our vegan goals.

  2. Although I could be vegetarian very, very easily, going totally vegan would be impossible.

    But I admire your dedication and am always inspired by your recipes.

  3. Yes it is so easy to eat exclusively vegan food as long as you make time to cook for yourself! We have a vegan cooking club that meets every week to cook simple meals. You might like some of the recipes, which I write up after each meeting (humblecook.wordpress.com). This week will be sushi, carrots roasted ‘fish-style’ and a simple miso soup.

    I enjoyed the pictures of your coconut cream pie also!

  4. Not that I don’t like looking at desserts, but this is a refreshing break as these look so so so so so so wonderful. Need to make these or variations of these soon.

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