{bba} italian bread torpedo rolls

Life got a little too busy or too complicated or maybe I just got a little too lazy. For whatever the reason, I decided to join the Slow & Steady group of The Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge.When I joined the group, I already baked the breads they were baking and blogging. I had a good chunk of time before the bread I needed to make next–Italian Bread.

Ha ha! I sat on my duff too long. The Italian Bread was due the first week in December! I didn’t realize this until this week. But luckily, the some of other Slow & Steady Bakers got thrown off track because of the holidays and Nancy of The Corner Loaf (our fearless leader) is revising the schedule with the Italian Bread due in two weeks. So it seems I’m ahead again πŸ˜› .

Shaped and ready for proofing

I made the bread for my supposed-to-be vegetarian Christmas Eve dinner and shaped them into torpedo rolls. The rolls rose and baked beautifully.

Fresh out of oven

My family loved the bread. My Mother couldn’t stop talking about it. My Mom is big on bread. She always used to say to me, “The key to a great dinner party is good wine, good bread, and good conversation”. All the other stuff is incidental.


28 thoughts on “{bba} italian bread torpedo rolls

  1. Your mother was so right (aren’t they always?) – there’s nothing like good bread to keep a dinner going. I love the way your rolls look, just perfect. Those slashes? Swoon! I might steal your idea and bake rolls with this formula also.

  2. Oh, wow! Amazing shaping on those rolls. I love the mini-batard shape, they look so adorable, and I bet they tasted amazing. Also, just the perfect amount of browning!

  3. Those torpedo rolls look fantastic! I’ve already decided that next time I make the Italian bread, I’m making rolls instead of larger loaves. Can’t wait! πŸ™‚

  4. The Italian Bread was one of my favorites made last fall, but I did not make rolls… time for a second batch of the Italian dough thanks to your inspiration. !

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous rolls!!! I’m hoping to get to this bread this weekend, seeing yours makes me want to get to it sooner than later!

  6. Those look wonderful! No wonder they were a big hit. I’ve made this recipe several times, but never as rolls. I’ll have to try that next time.

  7. How perfect are these…my you captured this recipe just right on the forming, shaping, etc. I have been making hoagie like buns with the Italian BBA as the guys are just crazy about the taste of this bread. Isn’t it funny how a lot of the breads have the same ingredients but yet taste so different? I need to make these little torpedoes. Matt is studying WWII history and the German U boats are coming up, I think these torpedoes would probably fit right in with the theme, don’t you? Beautiful rolls, really excellent.

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