Rice Gelato

Last year, while on Taha’a, I bought a bunch of Tahitian vanilla beans. I used my last Tahitian bean to make the Rice Gelato from David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop. Today, I’m back on Taha’a (80% of Tahitian vanilla beans grow on this island) and stocking up on vanilla beans. I think I will buy twice as much as I bought last year because this will be my last trip to the region for quite awhile (if ever again).

This recipe was definitely worth using my last bean. In addition to vanilla, the gelato is flavored with orange zest and tastes like frozen rice pudding. You can find the recipe HERE.


13 thoughts on “Rice Gelato

  1. The gelato looks fantastic! I always love being able to see specks of vanilla bean in things. I’m so jealous that you’re buying Tahitian vanilla beans while in Tahiti 🙂

  2. I love rice pudding, so this looks fantastic! I have a friend who went to Taha’a and loved it. She didn’t bring me any vanilla beans though!

  3. Intriguing… It does sound wonderful, although since it snowed here today gelato doesn’t sound like a good idea 🙂
    You remind me that I need to stock up on vanilla beans, immediately.

  4. welcome back…sounds like an absolutely fantastic trip!! i had rice pudding gelato at a restaurant here in nyc not too long ago. it was so deliciousn and the rice-iness was amazing…i’ll have to recreate it by giving this a shot one day!

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