{sms} spiced pumpkin cookie cakes

It’s all pumpkin, all the time right now. It was fine and dandy last week when *gasp* it was below 70°F and I contemplated turning on the heat. Today it was 97°F and it’s expected to be in the high 80’s for the next week.  Even though it’s not pumpkin weather, I’ve decided that this week will be Pumpkin Week on Pink Stripes. All posts, with the exception of one, will be pumpkin posts.

This week’s Sweet Melissa Sundays selection–Spiced Pumpkin Cookie Cakes–starts off the week with a fantastic bang. It’s a cookie! It’s a cake! It’s a cookie cake! This cinnamon-nutmeg spiced treat reminds me of a whoopie pie. It may actually be a whoopie pie, 2 round cakes sandwiching a creamy filling. Yup, I think this fits the bill.

Thanks to Debbie of Every Day Blessings of The Five Dee’s for hosting this week. If you would like the recipe, visit her blog or buy the book.