Cacao Nib Gelato


Oh, I had trouble with this ice cream. Serious trouble. When I first read the recipe in the September 2009 issue of bon appetit I knew I had to make it. I tweeted about it with Nancy of The Dogs Eat the Crumbs and we decided to churn it together. The cream base is seeped with cacao nibs and a vanilla bean  so the  flavor is intense, very intense {but in a good way}. Once the base is reheated, egg yolks added, and cooked to just the right consistency it is chilled in the refrigerator overnight.

This is where my trouble started. I churned the gelato the next morning and everything seemed fine. I placed it in the freezer and went along my merry way. The next day, I notice a puddle of water in my water dispenser. I open my freezer and it’s warm. The ice in the ice maker was melting, food stuff was thawing, and my lovely lovely gelato was back in its unchurned form.

I assume I didn’t close the freezer door all the way, stick the gelato base in the refrigerator, and turn the temp on the freezer super low. I also place a cup with water in the freezer to test if it is working.  The next morning I open up the freezer and everything is frozen. Yay! I rechurn the gelato and stick it back in the freezer. But no, my freezer/refrigerator was only pretending to work. Yes, my gelato was back in it’s unchurned form. I teary-eyed threw it away {along with all of the other contents} and called the repairperson.

Luckily, my refrigerator just needed a new motherboard which was only $150 for parts & labor. {fyi: if you have a GE Profile, they are notorious for motherboards conking out soon after the 5 year warranty expires. My refrig is 6 years old}. Once everything was nice and chilly, I made the gelato base again. I had to, this is the best tasting chocolate ice cream. I really had no choice. It really is that good.

You can find the recipe HERE.

{I came back to add, after I scheduled this post: I don’t think I expressed my love for this gelato enough. It is heaven. Pure Heaven. The chocolate flavor is clean and slightly bitter like good chocolate should be. Man. I think I may have to make another batch.}

24 thoughts on “Cacao Nib Gelato

  1. Oh my, the gelato maybe thawed a few times, but it looks gorgeous! Regarding freezers and appliances in general, well, it’s the rebellion of the machines after 5 years… I can still remind when the rebellion happened after 10 years… and after 15 years so long, long ago…

  2. ooooh is that in bon appetit? I think I saw it. Thanks for the review I have some nibs I need to use and so this is the recipe for the weekend. I may even tweet it if you want to make while on vaca.
    Yes, bittersweet choco is the best. Thanks again, Wendy. Happy VACA

  3. Teary eyed? Naw, I would have been sobbing for days at the thought of throwing out something so delicious.

    I know you didn’t have a choice, but why oh why do our appliances have to give up on us at the worst possible time?

  4. Holy smokes, does that look ridiculously delicious or what?! Excuse me, I think I’m drooling on my keyboard… I really love that this isn’t just standard chocolate ice cream, but cacao nib. Much more sophisticated!

  5. The lengths we have to go to for good ice cream!
    The gelato looks delish.
    I am deeply suspicious of all electronic appliances. They have a very low survival rate. But then I tend to have conspiracy thinking.. 😉

  6. I’m sorry your freezer gave you trouble. I made this gelato (twice) last month and it is amazing, I would have thrown a tantrum if I had to throw it away.

  7. It’s such a pretty color that I’m glad that it was as delicious as it looks! And I’m glad that you and Nancy got to bake (well, not bake, exactly) together. You two inspired me to try making ice cream!

  8. Okay, it doesn’t really look like chocolate ice cream. Maybe this is the chocolate ice cream that will bring me over to the dark (chocolate) side! 🙂

    Sorry about the fridge! Ours bit the dust earlier this year.

  9. It was fun making this ice cream with you – thanks for tipping me off to the recipe. Now it’s my favorite. So sophisticated and delicious. Worth remaking in case of unanticipated appliance failure!

  10. How awful about your freezer! I hate when appliances turn on you. Fortunately, I have a great local repairman for that sort of stuff. I’ve made Alice Medrich’s version of this ice cream, and it was wonderful. It’s probably time to make it again…

  11. You poor thing! I wouldn’t be as calm as you if I’d just thrown out the contents of my freezer (especially my just-churned cocoa nib gelato). I flagged this one in the Sept. Bon Ap to make, and this affirms that decision. I wish I’d been paying attention to my tweets so I could have done this with you guys.

  12. For all the adventure of this gelato, it turned out looking like some of the best I have ever seen…great job on this. Refrigerator woes are no fun…at least this one turned out to be a fixable kind without breaking the entire bank. Still…something not fun. NOE’s photos looked great, too.

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