{sms} perfect pound cake

This week’s Sweet Melissa Sundays selection–Perfect Pound Cake–marks my return to blogging. I’m still getting my life and house in order, so this post will be short and sweet. The cake was delicious and the crumb was perfect.

I grilled a couple of slices and topped them with a slather of Nutella and some caramelized bananas. It was a good idea in theory, but the awesome flavor of the  Nutella and bananas overpowered the subtle flavor of the cake. I prefered the cake plain.

Thanks so much to Michele of Veggie Num Nums for hosting this week’s pick. It was the perfect choice for me. If you would like the recipe, please visit Michel’s blog or buy the book.


Oh–last Wednesday, I was lucky enough to attend the Foodbuzz Community Table/Visa Signature dinner at Beso. It was amazing, the food was wonderful, and I got to meet Eva Longoria. Here are a couple of great posts by other bloggers on the event:


The Food Addicts

31 thoughts on “{sms} perfect pound cake

  1. So glad you’re back in your house with all of your goodies. The poundcake looks . . . perfect; I’m sorry that the banana and nutella combo didn’t work out the way that you wanted.
    By the way, I have the WP article ready to go. I should have it in the mail tomorrow (fingers crossed) — sorry it’s taken so long!

  2. Great photos Wendy! Your cake looks terrific. After reading your post this morning I decided to just try my cake plain and found I really liked it that way!

    So glad you’re back in your house and that life is settling down for you 🙂

  3. I love the idea of grilling and the nutella. I made mine in a bundt pan, otherwise we’d be grilling some tomorrow night and topping with the chunky applesauce I just made.

    I am envious you got to meet Eva! I bet she is even more beautiful in person?

  4. Your cake looks absolutely perfect, it has that great pound cake crack! Bananas and nutella are a wonderful combination, sorry it didn’t work on the pound cake.

  5. Love, love, love the idea of the banans and Nutella on the cake, even if it was a litle overpowering. Congrats on getting a guernsey at the Foodbuzz gig – sounds like it was a fun evening.

  6. That poundcake is picture-perfect (and a perfect picture, btw!) I agree that so many times plain goodness is best, especially when the recipe is wonderful. No need to hide it with other flavors!

  7. Wendy-

    Everything you’ve made in the last few weeks looks just delicious. I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting but I’ve been dealing with health issues. I am catching up on reading your posts. As always, you’ve been busy making yummy food. Thank you for baking pound cake along with me–yours looks lovely. Also, congratulations on being included in the article.


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