{twd}Mini-Creamiest Lime Cream Pies

My favorite Odwalla juice is their Summertime Lime. I love squeezing limes on fruit salad, burritos, tacos. Lime on corn on the cob rocks my world. Are you sensing a theme?

Thank you to Linda of Tender Crumb {visit her blog or buy the book for the recipe}for selecting Creamiest Lime Cream Meringue Pie as this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie.  Relatively easy to make, it did require a loooooooong time whisking continuously over the stove. On a hot summer day. I made mini-pies using my mini-springform pan {co-workers, easy to grab and run}.

I did not make the meringue topping because I was not going to serve these the day I made them and did not want to run the risk of “weepy meringue” as Dorie Greenspan writes. Instead I topped them with candied ginger to match the fresh ginger in the lime cream. YUM.YUM.YUM.

These were very successful and enjoyed by all {hordes at home & co-workers}.

This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie also marks my one-year anniversary of officially baking along with the group. Inspired by Nancy of The Dogs Eat the Crumbs and THIS POST, I give you my list of the top ten TWD treats from the past year:


ice cream sandwich






My Top Ten Dorie Recipes

  1. Tiramisu Cake
  2. Coconut Butter Thins
  3. Fresh Ginger and Chocolate Gingerbread
  4. Thanksgiving Twofer Pie
  5. Tribute to Katherine Hepburn Brownies
  6. Chocolate Banded Ice Cream Torte
  7. Creme Brulee
  8. Brownie Buttons
  9. Chocolate Armagnac Cake
  10. Cinnamon Squares

In comparing lists, I notice that Nancy and I only have two of the same recipes on our Top Ten Lists. And that two of my top picks are the only two recipes she “did not find tasty”. 😛

In the year, I only missed one week…my goal for the coming year is to make that one as well as baking all the recipes selected before I joined the group. You can see all the recipes I need to complete on my TWD Page {only 13 left!}.


55 thoughts on “{twd}Mini-Creamiest Lime Cream Pies

  1. I am with you on the whole lime thing- It goes so good with sweet and savory. I really like your minis topped with ginger- yummy.
    I like your top 10- funny how everybody has different favoriteS!

  2. Yup! Next, that’s what I’m doing… no meringue. We loved the pie, didn’t cazre much for the meringue.

    You got it girl… you got the ticket! Beautiful and very dainty!

  3. Your minis look de-lish! THOSE I would eat (especially without the meringue).
    Happy 1 year with TWD. I’m really enjoying this group and learning a lot. LOVE your blog and all your yummy stuff!

  4. Those are THE cutest little pies I’ve ever seen!! I’ve been wanting to invest in a few mini springform pans BUT I can’t seem to settle on one size or one brand. Pointers, anyone?

    I had some mishaps with mine so I will be trying this one again until I get it right!!

  5. Minis are the way to go!

    I did the meringue and I had to chuck them after making them because it was just a girlfriend and my hubs . . and they ate one each. Oh well.

    I think this is also my first year anniversary with TWD as well. I need to check my calendar, but it’s around the same time as yours.

    It has always been a GREAT pleasure to bake with you, sweetheart!

    • Those are perfect for self-serve. I am sure your co-workers were happy to see them. I keep thinking I will catch on the recipes I missed. There aren’t that many but…

  6. You made minis! They’re so cute! I love reading everyone’s top ten lists. Congrats on one year with the group and your goal to catch up on all you missed.

  7. I’m so impressed that not only is your attendance nearly perfect, you’ve managed to bake so many of the earlier recipes; I’ve only done one or two rewinds! Your top 10 list is great. It’s always fun to read what people really loved.

    I think that the reason I didn’t care for those two recipes is that I am near-fanatic about a couple of recipes: pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and gingerbread; I like them in their pure form and very spicy, so I can’t be objective about hybrid versions. Anyway even if we don’t see eye to eye on the ranking of the recipes at least we agree about the fabulousness of Dorie and her book, right?

  8. your little pies look like cute little cheesecakes. Your list is interesting. The only one in your list that I would agree with would be the tribute to Katherine Hepburn brownies

  9. Gorgeous minis, I agree about lime – so delicious! I thought Nancy’s one-year TWD post was great, I’m glad you did one too; it’s fun seeing everyone’s favorites. I think the Tiramisu Cake might be number one for me too!

  10. A couple of TWDers mentioned they’d like more ginger flavor and I bet your crystallized ginger topping did the trick! Your minis look amazing and thanks for sharing your top 10 list.

  11. Happy Belated Anniversary! As always your tarts came out spectacular! I only have one of your top ten on my list, Thanksgiving Twofer Pie. I still think the French Pear Tart is my favorite, even though mine looked like a starfish. Great job! I just love reading your site.

  12. I share your passion for lime, and I LOVE how you found a way to make these shareable with the CWs! I need to keep my eye out for a mini springform pan. The candied ginger looks delicious!

    I loved reading your list – we definitely have some overlaps! I think part of the fun of TWD is seeing what different people like and don’t like. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you’ll do with the next year’s worth of recipes!

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