{sms} hazelnut truffles

Rich chocolate, alcohol, and hazelnuts make an appropriate and delicious treat {thanks to Annie of Living Life Foodcariously for hosting Sweet Melissa Sundays today; for the recipe visit her blog or buy the book} because today I’m heading to VEGAS, baby {short post because of THIS}!


I {heart} Bradley Cooper.

34 thoughts on “{sms} hazelnut truffles

  1. Have fun in Vegas . . . I’ve never been, but I did see the Hangover, and I laughed so hard I cried. That Bradley Cooper is definitely a hottie! I wimped out on the truffles, but yours look fantastic.

  2. Beautiful!! Your pictures are always fantastic – what lens/setting/lighting do you use??!
    Hope you have a brilliant time in vegas!!

  3. Beautiful truffles Wendy! Have a wonderful time on your trip to Vegas… enjoy, relax, and have LOTS of fun.

    I’m super excited to be hosting SMS this week, and I really hope you will bake along with me- I’m not sure when you’ll be back, but hopefully you’ll be back in the kitchen in time for Sunday! Hope you’re doing well, and I look forward to talking to you again soon. Have a great rest of your week 🙂


  4. Have a great time in Vegas Wendy! I live in Brisbane, which is called “Brizvegas”, but is nothing like Las Vegas. I have never really worked out why. Gorgeous looking truffles – I love chocolate 🙂

  5. I heart Bradley Cooper too. Ever since he was on Alias. He’s just so darn cute! Lovely truffles, and have fun in Las Vegas! I grew up there and loved every minute of it! We had to move after my husband finished grad school; I try not to hold it against him!

  6. Oh, I hope your visit to Vegas is more tame than the boys from the Hangover, LOL. Or not.

    Nice truffles… I can never get them that perfectly round.

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