Shredded Green Beans with Citrus & Chives

A perfect vegan side-dish that shows off your new knife skills is Heidi Swanson’s Shredded Green Beans with Lemon-Lime Zest & Snipped Chives {you can find the recipe HERE} from Super Natural Cooking where the instructions state to slice the green beans 1/8″ on the diagonal {I cut, hence the non-uniform sizes} or use a food processor {also cut short, this post: why see HERE}.

13 thoughts on “Shredded Green Beans with Citrus & Chives

  1. I always love a new green bean recipe, and this looks fabulous. I am definitely making this soon. I got sort of green beaned out, but this is fresh inspiration, thanks Wendy! But first, I have some Romano beans to tackle — have you cooked with them before? I have no idea what to do with them.

  2. I’ve been obsessed with searing my green beans with garlic and hot pepper flakes, but this recipe (beautiful picture, btw) is inspiring me to shake things up a bit, even though my knife skills are sorely lacking!

  3. Kind of bummed that the bunny got to eat more of my crop of beans this year than I did. Should find him though because I bet he would be good eats right now.

    Nicely done and great knife skills!

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