Peach and Pecan Celebration Bread

In the introduction to the Cranberry & Walnut Celebration Bread in The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Peter Reinhart discusses how the bread is reminiscent and in celebration of Thanksgiving.  Because it is August and I just baked a bread with cranberries and walnuts, I decided to use diced dried peaches and pecans. It’s a little more seasonal. I’m celebrating the peak of summer, my favorite season.

Peter Reinhart also suggests shaping the bread using an elaborate double-braid method where there is one giant braid and a smaller braid balanced on top of it. Balancing things isn’t my strong suit, so I shaped my bread into a simple boule.

The bread was okay. I thought the fruit-to-nut ratio was off. I would increase the nuts and decrease the fruits. I felt it also needed more flavors. Maybe cinnamon? or cardamon? or Chinese 5-spice?

If you would like more information about The Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge, please visit HERE.


22 thoughts on “Peach and Pecan Celebration Bread

  1. I love the colors of the bread! I saw the double braid in his book and thought it was a little impractical if anything else. It would make serving it a little awkward because of the size of the slices. I like your boule much better.

  2. Love your idea of adding Chinese Five-Spice to this; sounds like it could add the boost it needs? Regardless, this looks gorgeous – I love how shiny it is! Heh, I’m such a child…

  3. Your bread is gorgeous! I love the idea of dried fruit in bread – I don’t use dried fruit anywhere near enough. Sorry it wasn’t a favorite.

  4. I love this cookbook. It is very informative and easy for a novice cook like myself. Gives great information which encourages me to venture out and try new methods/foods. I can hear her voice as I read this. I know it will be a much used guide in my kitchen.

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